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Cosmetic Laser Services for Rosacea and Blood Vessels

A closeup of a rosacea plant, where the skin condition got its name from

Facial redness is a common problem experienced by both men and women. There are various conditions that create facial redness, but the underlying cause of most facial redness is connected to vascular conditions.

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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that can involve red patches on your face, flushing, tiny or prominent spider-like blood vessels or skin eruptions similar to acne. While there are topical and oral medications that can help minimize the ongoing effects of rosacea, laser treatment can reduce the existing broken blood vessels, redness and flushing often associated with rosacea.

Broken blood vessels

Broken blood vessels on the face are one of the most common problems that can be easily treated with lasers. There is minimal downtime or recovery period, and little to no discomfort. Most people can go back to work the same day. Additionally, the results are generally long lasting. Learn about more extensive laser skin resurfacing or about the laser technology available at OHSU. 

If you are interested in reducing redness, please schedule a consultation with a provider. Your skin and goals are unique and your provider will evaluate your skin and discuss the options available for you. You may need a series of treatments to achieve your goals. 

The lasers most commonly used to treat redness, rosacea, and blood vessels vary per clinic and include: 

  • Verapulse Vascular Laser
  • V-beam Vascular Laser