Cosmetic and Plastic Services

Cosmetic and Plastic Services Patient Stories

A doctor examines a female patient's face.

Choosing cosmetic plastic services options is a personal decision. We respect your individual needs. But don't take our word for it. Hear from our patients in their own words about their experiences with Cosmetic and Plastic Services at OHSU:

“I highly recommend the providers and services at the OHSU Department of Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center. Dr. Anna Bar and Aesthetician Carrie Seid are wonderful. My husband and I are very selective of the care we receive – we are not willing to go just anywhere. My criteria for choosing OHSU is based on the trust I have in the institution, the people who work there, and the technology that they have. Time and time again I’ve found all three at OHSU.

I trust OHSU and its providers because I know that it is a nationally ranked medical center, built on science and training. I know that when I have an advanced laser treatment that there are medical professionals, experts even, who care for me, not only for dermatologic issues, but medically, as well.

The service I’ve received from Carrie has been a huge reason I keep coming back. As someone who has worked in the retail industry, I expect a high level of service, which Carrie provides in many ways. A very important way, though, is how she listens. Even if I don’t know the exact terms to use, she understands the results I’m looking for and helps me realize my options.

And last, but not least, the technology that they have is equally as important as the other factors. It has allowed me to reach the results I was hoping for.”


“I saw Dr. Dailey after I asked a friend who I should see about having some work done on my eyes. This friend was in the medical field but not affiliated with OHSU. Without hesitation she said, ‘Dr. Dailey at OHSU, he’s the best in Portland.’ When I met with him, I found him to be very professional and friendly. He developed a rapport with me right away, he knew what he was talking about, and I trusted his suggestions. In fact, his whole staff is very professional, friendly, and they make you feel comfortable.

I had a brow lift and a face lift. The results were just great! I looked more wide awake and rested. People who came into the office thought I’d been on vacation or had a new hair style! It was funny. They just couldn’t quite figure out what was different. And that is part of what makes Dr. Dailey a great surgeon—he’s conservative in his approach so that you look like yourself, only better. “

-Kathy N.

"There are many plastic surgeons to chose from in the Portland area. But, to find one who took the time to finely sculpt and contour my 52 yr. old, 4 "pregnancied" unsightly stomach with detail and perfection, I know I'm blessed.

Dr. Mueller and his team are qualified, kind, professional and personable, with impeccable bedside manner. I researched the many certified plastic surgeons in Portland for three months, consulted with three other surgeons prior to finding Dr. Mueller at OHSU and interviewed two friends who had tummy tucks as well. I knew what to look for and what criteria my surgeon would be required to meet prior to invasive surgery. I was treated like a patient they cared about, not just another body coming in for a quick hack job, like some facilities made me feel.

This was a substantial investment for my husband and me. I strongly suggest you not make your decision solely on who is the least expensive, nor that the most expensive is the best. What Dr. Mueller did for me was paramount. I'm not referring to the skilled and beautiful work he did physically, but what he has done for me, emotionally...indescribable! My husband wasn't really able to understand why I wanted this so badly, but even now, one week post surgery, he's starting to grasp what I've been trying to convey to him for years. Dr. Mueller, mere words cannot adequately describe my thanks to you and your whole team. Thank you."

-Mary K.

“Closing in on my 60th birthday and an impending career change, and following a 60+ pound weight loss, I wanted to ‘freshen up’ how I looked and start this new decade feeling great. When I asked around, one name kept coming up: Dr. Roger Dailey. I wanted to feel assured that I would look fresh and not ‘done’ or unnatural. I wanted all my questions answered and to know something about him, his team and what was really about to happen to me. He showed me photos of other patients, shared their stories, introduced me to the professionals who I would come to know and rely on before and especially after the surgery.

So nearly a year ago I had a face lift and my eyes and neck ‘freshened up.’ The results are truly amazing. Most people think I am in my early 50s. My skin looks rejuvenated. My tired, wrinkled eyes are bright and uplifted again. And there is really no sign of a ‘face lift.’ But I do tell people exactly what I did. They are surprised. They want details. And they want to know where I had the surgery....and who did it. Of course, I always tell them. Because I feel and look great and I want other women to have this same opportunity.”

-Stacey G.

"I had earlobes that were stretched out significantly to accommodate large wooden jewelry, which I decided to reverse as an adult. It happens... no regrets, right? Dr. Mueller was very professional in his consultation, and encouraged me to ask all the questions I needed to in order to feel comfortable about my upcoming surgery. He was recommended to me by someone else who had the same procedure done, and I'm glad I went with that recommendation (Dr. Mueller's credentials speak for themselves, but it's always nice to hear a review direct from a real person.) His price was reasonable, and even spectacular if you take his credentials into consideration. Dr. Mueller did warn me ahead of time that it could end up being a two-part procedure (apparently with earlobes, it's difficult to tell how much extra tissue to leave because everyone heals differently). So, when the first surgery left me thinking they would look better if they were a bit smaller, Dr. Mueller did not question it at all, and promptly scheduled me for a revision at no extra charge. They came out looking way better than expected and I could not be happier with my result to date. The scars are barely noticeable at just a few weeks past surgery! I am still in the earlyish stages of healing, but I know if any issue arises, it will be addressed courteously and professionally. I'm pretty confident that they will continue looking good and healing well, though. The rooms are clean, the waiting area comfortable, and his staff is very friendly and helpful. I did not have trouble getting appointments that worked for me. The front desk staff is always smiling, and I really liked the medical assistant who removed my sutures. I believe his name was Donovan. I highly recommend Dr. Mueller, and would absolutely return to him without hesitation if I ever decide to go with another cosmetic surgery."

-Heather G.