Cosmetic and Plastic Services

Cosmetic Laser Services for Brown Spots, Freckles and Other Discoloration

There are effective laser treatment options available at OHSU to improve the appearance of skin discoloration like brown spots, age spots and freckles.

Brown spots, sometimes referred to as “age spots,” freckles and other pigmentation can appear on the skin in many forms. Most commonly, as we age our skin begins to show the culmination of the sun’s damaging rays and spots appear. Like age spots, freckles are caused by sun exposure. In fact, most melasma (patchy or generalized pigmentation of the skin) is caused by sun damage. However, there is some pigmentation that has other causes, like the melasma experienced by pregnant women.

Today there are effective laser treatment options to improve the appearance of discoloration on your face, chest or backs of hands. Learn about more extensive laser skin resurfacing or about the laser technology available at OHSU. 

If you are interested in laser treatment, please schedule a consultation with a provider. Your skin and goals are unique and your provider will evaluate your skin and discuss the options available for you. You may need a series of treatments to achieve your goals.

If you prefer a less invasive procedure, our clinics offer a series of chemical peels to address these issues.

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