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Ear Surgery at OHSU Cosmetic and Plastic Services

OHSU plastic surgeons provide corrective surgery to restore the natural shape of the ear including ear pinning and ear lobe repair.

If protruding or disfigured ears are diminishing the quality of life for you or your child, you may want to consider corrective surgery to restore the natural shape of the ear. These quick procedures can improve the natural shape, position or proportion of one’s ear.

Ear pinning surgery

Protruding, unsightly ears can cause low self-confidence and embarrassment, especially for young children. These qualms can be avoided by having corrective surgery, also known as otoplasty, before the age of six. However this procedure can be performed at any age, even adulthood, with successful results. Our surgeons perform corrective surgery for other ear deformities as well.

The surgeon makes incisions behind the ears so that no scarring is visible. Through this approach, the ear cartilage is sculpted and shaped into a more favorable position close to the side of the head. This position is then secured with sutures. A helmet-type bandage is worn for several days after surgery and normal activity can be resumed within a week.

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Earlobe repair

A torn earlobe or an enlarged or misaligned hole from a piercing can be easily repaired with minimal discomfort.

Earlobe repair is a quick procedure performed in the office. The entire procedure takes about an hour, requires only local anesthesia, and is virtually painless. The recovery period is minimal, allowing patients to return to their normal activities almost immediately. When the ear has fully healed in roughly six to eight weeks, the ear may then be re-pierced.