Facial Laser Resurfacing

Living an active life is good for your health, but can take its toll on your skin. Sun, wind and your genetics may leave you with fine lines, wrinkles and rough skin as well as pigmented age spots. If you wanted to do something to bring back your skin's softer, smoother appearance, not so long ago your options would have been chemical peels, dermabrasion or the use of temporary fillers.  Now there is another revolutionary procedure available, Facial Laser Resurfacing!

At OHSU Casey Facial Aesthetic Surgery Center, we offer skin resurfacing using the CO2 laser. Laser treatment accelerates the natural process of exfoliation, removing the rougher outer layers of skin. Your body will form new collagen, creating new, smoother, fresher skin from the inside out. Laser skin resurfacing can reduce the appearance of unwanted veins and broken capillaries and reduce or remove pigmented lesions ("age spots"). Patients with facial scars and sun-damaged skin are also excellent candidates for this treatment.  We have provided this type of procedure successfully for nearly 15 years now and newer technology and delivery techniques mean shorter downtime and less redness.

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Choosing facial laser resurfacing

You and your physician will want to discuss the level of skin improvement you hope to achieve.  The doctor will review your medical history and examine your skin type and pigmentation to make sure laser skin treatment is safe and appropriate for you. Don't forget to mention any history of viral infections, sensitivity to the sun, or prior skin treatments such as skin peels, dermabrasion or Accutane treatments within the past six one year.

Together you can discuss your options, evaluate your expectations and determine the best treatment for you.

Our board-certified Oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Roger A. Dailey, M.D., F.A.C.S., is an expert in facial laser resurfacing. He has given many national lectures and courses on this subject. Treatments are done at the Casey Facial Aesthetic Surgery Center, with local anesthesia for treatment of small areas and relaxing sedation for full face treatment. Use of the laser allows your doctor to maintain precise control over the natural exfoliation process as it gently vaporizes the outer layer of sun-damaged or acne-scarred skin to reveal the smooth, fresh skin underneath. Lines are removed in a precise, rapid, bloodless fashion, achieving excellent results.

Our licensed aesthetician, Andrea Fontana, will help you prepare for treatment and care for your skin afterwards to ensure you look and feel your best.

Benefits of facial laser resurfacing

Facial laser resurfacing provides you softer, smoother, healthier looking skin. The full effect of your treatment develops over a few months following the procedure and can be expected to last for several years. As with any cosmetic procedure, the results can be expected to fade over time, when this happens, the procedure is safe to be repeated.

The laser resurfacing procedure better results in general than chemical peels and dermabrasion. Laser surgery provides a higher level of control for the surgeon. Downtime can be varied depending on how much affect you would like to achieve.

Following your treatment

After laser treatment, you may wear a bandage for approximately 48 hours, and use ointment as directed by your doctor. This will protect your skin as it builds new, fresh tissue. Your new skin will be reddened, but this can be covered with cosmetics in a few days while the redness fades. You may have some temporary swelling, and pigment changes may occur if you have darker skin. These pigment changes are virtually always temporary.

We recommend that you use appropriate skin care, wear sunscreen and avoid smoking to maintain the results from your treatment.