Corneal Disease

Dr. Chamberlain with a patient

Providing expert care for cornea conditions and laser vision correction

The OHSU Casey Eye Institute Cornea Division doctors are board-certified and fellowship trained specialists in the diagnosis, treatment and management of corneal conditions – including corneal transplant surgery, dry eye, infections, refractive errors, keratoconus, Fuch’s Dystrophy and more. Cornea disease or injury can severely affect your vision and can be very painful, and it is important to seek prompt treatment to protect your vision.

Our expertise

Our doctors are experts in cornea disease and refractive surgery, teaching and lecturing all over the world as well as pursuing a wide range of clinical and research interests to improve vision for our patients. We offer:

  • The expertise and skill to help you with any type of cornea condition including corneal transplant surgeries, corneal dystrophies, injury and LASIK. 
  • The latest technology for imaging and treatment of corneal and refractive disorders including anterior segment optical coherence tomography, and we are one of the leading facilities treating keratoconus with the procedure corneal collagen cross-linking. 
  • Patient centered care where we are with you every step of the way during your diagnosis, treatment and follow up care.
  • Leadership in the field means that you receive care from respected leaders who teach, publish research and are setting the standards for corneal care.
  • Experience as one of the first places to perform LASIK and other laser vision correction surgeries

Our doctors

Collaborative care

Our cornea experts work together with other eye specialists at OHSU Casey Eye Institute, including glaucoma, retina, genetics, pediatric and medical contact lens doctors to provide medical and surgical care if you have a challenging eye condition.

If you have a complex case, we are one of the only centers in Oregon where many eye specialists can work together in the clinical and operating room setting to give you the best vision possible.


Research: We have a robust research program that is looking for new ways to diagnostic and treat cornea conditions. Learn more.

Clinical trials: We have several ongoing clinical trials available. Learn more.