Outcomes Assessment

An outcomes assessment plan answers the question “are we doing what we say we are doing?” The process involves collecting information, analyzing that information and then comparing and contrasting the information with our previously established goals and objectives. The results are then used to assess our level of achievement and plan improvements or changes. In corporate circles outcomes assessment is called quality assessment and based in the same concept - a structured, continuous look at what an organization is doing, how well they are doing it and ways they intend to promote improvements in quality.

Outcomes assessment occurs at various levels within the university and its programs, driven by University policy, regional and specialized accreditation requirements. The Commission on Dental Accreditation in its Accreditation Standards for Dental Education Programs mandates an institutional effectiveness plan for all of the 15 dental related educational programs under its purview. Thus the predoctoral dental programs as well as all the specialty programs must assess their stated program goals.

The outcomes assessment process is ongoing and organized into committees that are assigned one goal to manage. Thus we have nine committees to manage our goals. Faculty and administrators participate in the process and a report is presented annually to all faculty (full time and part time) who in turn can provide comment and suggestions. This continuous process allows all faculty to be a part of the issues, problems and solutions surrounding the education of dentists, and dental specialists for Oregon and the other areas of the country that we serve.
Item Timeline/Personnel Rationale
Mission and Goals
Established in 1993
To guide institutional planning

To meet Accreditation Standards

OA Management Plan
Established in 1994

Monitored annually

To assure institutional effectiveness

To meet Accreditation Standards

Oversight of Process

Academic Dean

To coordinate with overall management

To assure formal and ongoing process

To house all summative and trend data

OA Committee

Associate Deans


To provide effective and broad-based participation

To assure formal and ongoing process

To prioritize action items from working committees

Operational Plan
Monitored annually
To demonstrate effectiveness of each goal
  • Nine goal working committees
  • Chaired by Associate Deans/Faculty
  • Comprised of faculty or staff
Goal Committee Reports
Monitored annually
To assure formal and ongoing process using matrix
  • To monitor measures of student achievement
  • To prepare report on action items
  • To report to general faculty
Presented annually
To demonstrate effectiveness of each goal
  • To identify mechanisms of measurement
  • To prepare action items from each committee
  • To represent faculty and administration