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Restorative Dentistry Awards

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We believe in recognizing dental students for their excellent work in research, clinical application, and academic pursuits. The OHSU School of Dentistry awards students the below-listed awards annually. 

Each spring, the members of the Academy of Dental Materials at various Dental Schools around the world present awards to the most outstanding students or student researchers in the field of Dental Materials. The award consists of an engraved plaque. 

2021  Myriam Hamieh
2020  Anna Beers
2019  Michael Ha
2018  Jason Mah
2017  Lindsey Yap
2016  Jonathan Yih
2015  Shawn Platt
2014  Denise C. Gates
2013  Kyle Andrew Malloy
2012  Stephen George
2011  Sheeva Azimi

The Academy of Operative Dentistry sponsors an award each year to the student in each U.S. and Canadian dental school who has been voted as having provided the most outstanding restorative care to his or her patients. The award consists of a certificate and a year's subscription to the journal "Operative Dentistry". The award is usually presented at each school's annual awards ceremony in late spring.  

2021  Casey Jones
2020  Chase Carlson
2019  Patricia Suing
2018  Sophie Diepenheim
2017  James Means
2016  Caroline DeVincenzi
2015  Raymond Reeves
2014  Melissa Faber
2013  Kyle Andrew Malloy
2012  Michael Blindheim
2011  Philip Getsinger

The American College of Prosthodontics recognizes one graduating student from each CODA Accredited Dental School for their annual Prosthodontic Achievement Award.

2021  Alexander Komar
2020  Brandon Wilburn
2019  Christina Truong
2018  Sara Edmondson
2017  Michael Tichy
2016  Leila Sears
2015  Shawn Platt
2014  Brian Bollwitt
2013  Aaron Jay Omura

The Academy of Osseointegration presents its annual Outstanding Student in Implant Dentistry Award to support and expand students' interests, education and research in dental implants.

2021  Sydney Hoffman
2020  Michael Baily
2019  Daniel Ackerman
2018  Fadi Shaya
2017  Stephen Reller
2016  Alexander Sonesson
2015  Gregary Boehme
2014  Quinn Martin
2013  Kyle Andrew Malloy
2012  Todd Groesbeck
2011  Philip Getsinger

The American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry extends their award to the dental student who has demonstrated the most clinical proficiency and greatest interest in esthetic dentistry. The award includes a handsome certificate and a one-year subscription to The Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

2021  Austin Erler
2020  Bri'el Wiles
2019  Braden Comstock
2018  Noelle George
2017  Michelle Crabtree
2016  Leila Sears
2015  Audrey Mikkelson
2014  Jason Greyslak
2013  Daniel Michael Walsh
2012  Jason Schultz
2011  Fatbardhe Krasniqi

Each year, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry presents their award to the dental student who demonstrates the most interest, academically and clinically, in implant dentistry.

2021  Alexander Komar
2020  Aaron Compton
2019  Corinna Ma
2018  Kellie Kawasaki
2017  Sadaf Assadi
2016  Jonathan Yih
2015  Minh Phan
2014  Craig Wright
2013  Rachel Shear
2012  April Walsh
2011  Scott Dougherty

Each dental school is given an opportunity to nominate a student that has shown excellence in both clinical applications and academic performance. Each of the nominees receives a Hanau™ Wide-Vue Articulator in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments. Out of these nominees, Whip Mix evaluates the entries and selects one student as the grand prize winner who receives an all expense paid trip to the Dawson Academy seminar. 

2021  Tyler Friesen
2020  Brandon Wilburn
2019  Benjamin Neal
2018  Phillip La Lande
2017  Jonathan Morgan
2016  Soroush Amali
2015  Owen Trinh
2014  Dylan Sorber
2013  John H. Koski
2012  Ian Brawner 
2011  Joseph Jarman

The Quintessence Certificate is awarded for clinical achievement in Restorative Dentistry.  Award recipients receive a Certificate of Merit and a one-year subscription to Quintessence International.

2021  Vu Tong
2019  Trevor Wortley
2018  Sara Edmondson
2017  Anna Gerlach
2016  Estrellita Ramirez
2015  Mary Hoffman
2014  Traci Saito
2013  Aaron Jay Omura
2012  Ian Brawner
2011  Isaac Edwards

The Monetti Memorial Award is presented to a 2nd year Dental student who demonstrates an excellent grasp of prosthodontic principles & concepts, and most exemplifies the character of Teresa Monetti, a young woman whose life was cut short by cancer.

2019  Casey Jones
2018  David Carlson
2017  Steven Mee