The Student Ambassador Program

OHSU dental students from the 3rd and 4th year classes are excited to talk to incoming and prospective students about their academic journey at OHSU. Meet our Student Ambassadors below and learn some interesting facts about them before reaching out to connect! If you wish to be contacted by a Student Ambassador, please email and include:

  • your name
  • when you are planning on applying to dental school
  • a phone number or email address where our students can reach you

For information about program requirements, including prerequisite courses, the application process and timelines, please visit our Admission Requirements page.

Thank you for your interest in OHSU!

Ido Almog
Ido Almog

Ido Almog DS4

  • Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Undergraduate institution and major: Oregon State University, Biohealth Sciences major
  • Why OHSU? OHSU was my top choice for many reasons. A few of those reasons include being close to family, giving back to my community, and getting an education from a program that integrates research into the curriculum.
  • An interesting fact about you: I love scuba diving.
  • Hobbies: Spending quality time with my friends, family and significant other!
  • Advice for prospective dental students: Getting in a good routine (working out, eating a well rounded diet, and making time for yourself to enjoy your free time) prior to dental school will really help you manage your time when you get busy with dental school.

Brenna Amundson
Brenna Amundson

Brenna Amundson DS4

  • Hometown: St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • Undergraduate institution and major: University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, Biology major
  • Why OHSU? I was looking to get out of Minnesota for a few years and after touring OHSU knew that this was the place I wanted to study dentistry. I love being close to the coast and the gorge when I need a brain break from school. The views from the dental floors at OHSU are unbeatable and I appreciate how integrated we get into the clinic so early on.
  • An interesting fact about you: In undergrad I lived in Tanzania for 4 months and still know a few phrases of Swahili! I got to study how rural Tanzanians brush their teeth with local plants and make their own tooth paste! 
  • Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, exploring Oregon with my golden retriever Samson, trying out new restaurants.
  • Advice for prospective dental students: Study hard and shoot for your dreams but don’t forget to make time for family and friends. They’re the ones who will be there for you during your entire journey, highs and lows. Also take a deep breath and give yourself grace when you make it to dental school. If you were a top of the class type of student when you were in high-school/undergrad, it’s okay if you struggle a bit in dental school. The material is hard and meant to challenge you. One failure does not define you and at the end of 4 years you will be a great dentist! Avoid comparing yourself to classmates, everyone excels and struggles in their own way.

Andrea Bornstein
Andrea Bornstein

Andrea Bornstein DS4

  • Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
  • Undergraduate institution and major: University of Oregon, Human Physiology major
  • Why OHSU? I did a post bacc at PSU and had to opportunity to take classes in the stunning building where the dental school resides. I was able to witness the collaborative environment between dental students and knew that I would fit right in. Not to mention it has the best views of any dental school!
  • An interesting fact about you: I recently backpacked the Enchantments in Washington!
  • Hobbies: Pottery, camping, cooking, biking, golfing, skiing... you name it, I like it!
  • Advice for prospective dental students: Comparison is the thief of happiness. You will be good at something so don't beat yourself up about not being perfect, especially if its your first few times doing something.

Ahmed Elamin
Ahmed Elamin

Ahmed Elamin DS4

  • Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Undergraduate institution and major: Portland State University, Biology major
  • Why OHSU? OHSU’s faculty and their involvement in organized dentistry has allowed us to make great connections around the Portland area. 
  • An interesting fact about you: I’m the best dancer you’ll ever meet in your life!!
  • Hobbies: Soccer, hiking, working out and kayaking.
  • Advice for prospective dental students: Don’t let the process of getting into dental school take over you life. Dentistry is a wonderful profession, but always make sure you’re taking care of personal well being in order to achieve your goal of making it to dental school.

Ellen Krippaehne
Ellen Krippaehne

Ellen Krippaehne DS4

  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Undergraduate institution and major: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Biology. 
  • Why OHSU? Being from Portland, I wanted to begin my dental training where I want to work someday where I can make connections and learn more about my community.
  • An interesting fact about you: My classmate Andrea and I recently won the lottery to hike through the Enchantments in Leavenworth, WA! We scaled and mountain woke up to mountain goats in our campsite. 
  • Hobbies: Backpacking, pickleball, running, playing volleyball, hiking, and traveling!
  • Advice for prospective dental students: Reach out to your number one school of choice! Update them with anything you would like to add to your application and stay in contact will help them. It will help them remember you during the selection process. 

Peter Lahti
Peter Lahti

Peter Lahti DS4

  • Hometown: Lincoln City, OR
  • Undergraduate institution and major: Lewis & Clark College, Biology major
  • Why OHSU? I liked what I had heard about clinical experience and it allowed me to stay close to family.
  • An interesting fact about you: I worked as a barista for Dutch Bros for 5 years before dental school. 
  • Hobbies: Sports (football, baseball, basketball), playing the guitar, writing.
  • Advice for prospective dental students: School takes a lot of time and energy. Make sure to take time to do the things you enjoy. Always have something to look forward to.  

Ciara Robinson
Ciara Robinson

Ciara Robinson DS4

  • Hometown: Hilo, Hawaii
  • Undergraduate institution and major: University of Hawaii at Hilo, Biology major
  • Why OHSU? I used to work as a dental assistant in Public Health for an OHSU alumni. Many people I met also spoke so highly of this institution and after taking a campus tour, I understood why!
  • An interesting fact about you: I have over 100 plants.
  • Hobbies: Crafting, DIYing, furniture flipping, makeup artistry, hiking, camping, SUP boarding… etc.
  • Advice for prospective dental students: Speak kindly to yourself! You’re right where you need to be and comparing yourself to others who are in different places on the journey only makes it harder. Embrace the discomfort and appreciate all the growth that comes from it. 

Ali Sultan
Ali Sultan

Ali Sultan DS4

  • Hometown: Al-Dair, Bahrain
  • Undergraduate institution and major: University of Alabama-Huntsville. Philosophy Major, biology minor
  • Why OHSU? I felt very welcomed at the interview. I was definitely impressed by the infrastructure and what the school had to offer. There is a lot to do within the city of Portland and around it. Plus the people are nice here :) 
  • An interesting fact about you: I've lived in different 2 countries, and 3 different states in the past 7 years.
  • Hobbies: Reading, basketball, socializing, cooking, traveling.
  • Advice for prospective dental students: Remember, no matter how hard school gets, you are capable of overcoming anything. Every day, you will continue to grow and develop :)