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RESCHEDULED: Racism in Oregon: A Brief History Presented By The Oregon Historical Society

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Noon to 1 p.m., PST

Presented by OHS Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk and OHQ Editor Eliza Canty-Jones 

In December 2019, the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) published a special issue of its 120-year-old journal, the Oregon Historical Quarterly, on the subject of “White Supremacy & Resistance.” The issue offers an in-depth view of the ways Oregon history has been shaped by White supremacist ideology and policies — and resistance to those frameworks — for almost two centuries. Understanding how both racism and justice are at the heart of Oregon’s history are crucial to our ability to build a better future.


Living Your Financial Success Story

If you weren't able to attend Mike Matheny's, Living your Financial Success Story presentation but would still like to set-up a free financial counseling appointment to learn more don't hesitate to contact him by e-mail:

Mike Matheny, MEd, Accredited Financial Counselor


As a health professional, you have a lot working in your favor, but the general public just cannot understand the complexities of your financial life as a result of constraints such as a delayed entry into the workforce, education debt, and a confluence of life changing events in your personal world. There are a few things that need to be moved out of your way if you are struggling to see yourself as financially winning. Contact me to begin the discussion on how best to move forward and start living your financial success story. We can set-up a free financial counseling session as a benefit of being an OHSU Alumni.

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The Alumni Association exists to cultivate and sustain relationships between current and future alumni and the OHSU School of Dentistry.

Standing Up Against Structural Racism

The OHSU Alumni Relations Program stands with OHSU President Danny Jacobs in opposing the recent senseless and tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, and of so many before them. Our program is committed to responding to the new and evolving needs of our alumni while securing a safe, inclusive and equitable community that accurately reflects and is strengthened by the full participation of its membership.

Read Dr. Jacobs’ statement here.

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