Thomas R. Shearer, Ph.D.

Thomas R. Shearer Professor and Chair


Shearer research

Our lab tested if other trace minerals besides fluoride affected susceptibility to dental caries. Injecting toxic amounts of the essential trace mineral selenium into to very young rats produced profound bilateral cataracts in the eye (1). This rodent model has been used to screen potential drugs against cataracts.  The serendipitous finding also lead to discovering a splice mutant of muscle calcium activated protease calpain (Lp82) that is found only in rodent lenses (2,3). Collaborative studies with Senju Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. have further elucidated the mechanism of action of other calpains in important human eye diseases (4,5), supporting an on-going, early pase clinical trial on the use of calpain inhibitors to prevent human eye disease.

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Teaching interests support biochemistry, nutrition, statistics, and pharmacology. Recent efforts are directed towards developing mock NBDE part 1 and 2 exams at the OHSU School of Dentistry.

Additional Information

Chair, Integrated Biosciences (SD, present);Interim Chair Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SM, past), Associate Dean for Research (SD, past).