Steven G. Matsumoto, Ph.D.

Steven G. Matsumoto Associate Professor

Research Interests: Regulation of Expression of Neurotransmitters

I am interested in the mechanisms that regulate the differentiation of peripheral neurons from multipotent precursor cells. My model is the murine neural crest which gives rise to most of the peripheral nervous system, including all autonomic and spinal ganglion neurons. We have been determining the phenotype of the neurons differentiating in the cultures by an analysis of the types of high voltage-activated calcium channels that are present. We record from individual neurons in whole cell voltage-clamp and measure the relative contribution of L-, N- and P-type calcium channels to the total calcium current. The amount of current carried by each type of channel is determined by selectively blocking each with specific antagonists. Currently my laboratory is examining the role of growth factors in regulating sensory and sympathetic neuronal development. Research methodologies employed include: cell culture, whole-cell voltage clamp, intracellular current clamp, calcium imaging, and immunohistochemistry.

Representative Publications

Carey MB, Matsumoto SG Calcium transient activity in cultured murine neural crest cells is regulated at the IP(3) receptor.Brain Res. 2000;862(1-2):201-10.

Paulsen N, Matsumoto SG Progenitor cells with the capacity to differentiate into sympathetic-like neurons are transiently detected in mammalian embryonic dorsal root ganglia. J Neurobiol. 2000 Apr;43(1):31-9.PMID: 10756064

Carey MB, Matsumoto SG. Spontaneous calcium transients are required for neuronal differentiation of murine neural crest.Dev Biol. 1999;215(2):298-313.

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