Karla S. Kent

Karla Kent 

Karla S. Kent, MA, PhD (1986, Harvard University)
Professor & Director of Quality Improvement

Scholarly/Research Interests

My longtime research interests have been in the area of developmental neuroscience and neuroplasticity and have ranged from studies on hormonal influences on the nervous system to those of a novel signaling molecule and its role in synaptic development and plasticity (Rohrbough et al., 2013). My recent scholarly and research interests are in the area of quality improvement, infection control and patient safety in the dental setting.  As part of a multi-institutional collaboration, we are developing a patient safety tool (PST) and testing its effectiveness at identifying adverse events from electronic health records. Initial work has focused on defining adverse events (AEs) in the dental setting and validating electronic trigger tools designed to identify such AEs in patient records (Hebballi et al., 2015). 

Rohrbough, J., Kent, K.S., Broadie, K., Weiss, J.B. (2013) Jelly belly trans-synaptic signaling to anaplastic lymphoma kinase regulates neurotransmission strength and synapse architecture. Dev Neurobiol 73: 189-208 (published online 2012)

Hebballi, N.*, Ramoni, R.*, Kalenderian, E.*, Delattre, V., Stewart, D., Kent, K., White, J. M.Vaderhobli, R., Walji, M. F. (2015) The Dangers of Dental Devices as reported in the FDA MAUDE Database. Journal of American Dental Association 146: 102-110

For more information:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Kent+Karla+OR+Kent+KS

Teaching Interests 

I've been involved with basic science education of medical, dental and dental hygiene students at OHSU since 1990. My current teaching interests are in the area of human embryology, oral histology, and infection control in the dental setting and I serve as the course director of AN 715, Oral Histology & Embryology and a unit organizer for DEN 730, Infection Control in the Dental Setting. 

Other significant duties

Other duties include Director of Quality Improvement and Health &Safety Officer for the School of Dentistry. I serve on several University committees concerned with patient and worker safety as well as disaster preparedness and emergency management.