Adolescent Gynecology

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Ob-Gyn care - especially for teen girls

Experts recommend that teenage girls have their first visit to a gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15. This is a time of many physical and emotional changes. It is normal to have questions and concerns about your body and your health at this time.

We offer a safe and caring atmosphere with accurate and complete health information. A pelvic exam is usually not necessary before age 21. However, in some cases, a pelvic exam is advised because of certain symptoms or risk factors.

Early care ensures that you have a trusted source to turn to for information and care. We are here if you have concerns relating to irregular periods, pelvic pain, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, pregnancy, or other issues.

Some girls want their mothers to join them during the visit with the doctor, while others choose to come on their own. Either way is fine but our providers will always ask to spend part of the visit one-on-one with our patient. The information discussed during this time is private and just between you and your doctor.

Our doctors offer additional training and focus on teen health issues. We are here to help navigate the teenage years.

Note to teens

Do you have questions about irregular periods, birth control, pelvic pain or other issues? 

We offer a safe, caring and private atmosphere where you can get accurate and complete health information.

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