Clinical Trials in Women's Health

Clinical trials at OHSU help lead to new treatments in many areas of women's health. Participating in a clinical trial is a great way for you to help advance medicine for women of Oregon and Southwest Washington and women everywhere, while getting access to state-of-the-art healthcare and exams. Many studies provide comprehensive well-woman exams, related medications and, in most cases, compensation for time and travel. 

OHSU WHRU's position: Abortion is health care

Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court determined that women’s lives were too important to leave up to politics. Maternal mortality due to complications of abortion plummeted following legalization, and academic OB-GYN departments across the nation celebrated the Roe v. Wade decision as a landmark achievement in public health. The decision improved the lives of women and society as a whole. With the Dobb’s decision, the Supreme Court completely reversed this philosophy. The Court has decided that reproductive rights are entirely political, and should be decided by the people through their elected state legislatures. Women’s lives are once again subject to the whims of politics. 

The Women’s Health Research Unit joins OHSU in condemning this Supreme Court decision. We will continue with our mission to advance women’s reproductive health care through the conduct of high quality clinical research.  We are proud that this includes rigorous research on contraception and abortion.

Want to make a difference today?  Consider a contribution to the Abortion Care and Training Fund.