Family Planning

Dr. Alison Edelman stands on a wide balcony outside the OHSU Center for Women’s Health. She wears a white doctor’s coat, and smiles broadly.
Dr. Alison Edelman, an OB-GYN, leads our Complex Family Planning team. We have the skills and training to offer a full range of care, including for patients with complex needs.

Our doctors are here to listen to you and to care for your sexual and reproductive health needs. At the OHSU Center for Women’s Health, your safety and comfort are our highest priorities.

The Complex Family Planning team offers:

  • Sensitive care in a private, supportive environment.
  • Personalized counseling about options and services.
  • Safe, compassionate abortion care with no waiting period and only the information you want.
  • Specialized care for patients with complex needs.

Abortion is health care

Abortion is legal in Oregon. OHSU, the state of Oregon and the Oregon Medical Association recognize abortion as an essential health service.

Our services

We provide a full range of sexual and reproductive health services:

We also offer specialized care for patients who take medications that might interact with birth control or with other conditions, including:

  • Placement or removal of intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Removal of contraceptive implants
  • Heart disease
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Menstrual management for pediatric patients or developmental delay
  • Neurologic diseases, including seizure disorder and migraines or chronic headache
  • Rheumatologic or autoimmune disease
  • Malabsorption issues (such as prior bariatric surgery)
  • Use of medicines that cause birth defects
  • Solid organ transplant
  • Kidney disease or on dialysis
  • Clotting or bleeding disorders
  • Current or past cancer
  • Uterine abnormality

What makes us different

Comfort and options for every patient

Our doctors are OB-GYNs (obstetrician-gynecologists) with training in complex family planning. That means we can provide expert care for patients with complex conditions, such as more than one health care need.

We are committed to providing compassionate care in a comfortable environment, with:

  • Sedation and pain relief options for birth control placement and removal.
  • Permanent contraception (sterilization) regardless of age, marital status or obstetrics history
  • Personalized counseling for birth control, fertility awareness and abortion services.
  • Abortion care that respects your needs and choices, with no mandatory waiting period and only information you want.

Doctors who are experts

Our doctors are international leaders in reproductive medicine and research. For example, our team includes doctors who serve on World Health Organization advisory groups. Learn about our studies to improve women’s health care.

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