Health Care Transition

Health care transition is the process of moving from a pediatric system of health care to an adult system of health care. It is often a complex and confusing process for families, especially for those who experience disability. Some areas of focus:

  • Finding a primary care provider and specialists who work with adults
  • Maintaining or updating health insurance
  • Learning self-management skills (i.e. making appointments or ordering medication)
  • Making medical decisions independently or with support
  • Addressing mental health concerns
  • Understanding sexual health and relationships

Current research

Retrospective chart review

This retrospective chart review of the Lifespan Transition Clinic project involves a review of the families who have attended visits in our clinic. We are not collecting identifying information (no name, date or birth, or location). We are analyzing information from the visits to determine any trends that can inform our future visits in this clinic.

WITH Foundation grant consulting

The Lifespan Transition Clinic plans to test the Patient Decision Aids for Supported-Decision making created by the UCEDD and Community Vision as part of the WITH Foundation Grant: “Speak My Language! Using Visual Symbols for Supported Decision Making by People Who Use AAC.” Patients and families in the clinic will provide feedback on use, effectiveness, and satisfaction of the symbols. 

Utilization of Mental Health Services in the Lifespan Transition Clinic: A Family Perspective

Our current LEND Trainee in Social Work, Haley Wagy, is completing interview with youth and family who attended a clinic visit. This project focuses on access to mental health care services for transition aged youth.