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National webinars

MHDD Webinar - Addressing Mental Health in Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities during Transition to Adulthood

The Lifespan Transition Clinic (LTC) at the Institute on Development & Disability (IDD) provides assessment, recommendations, and collaboration with community partners for youth who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. We describe our methods, provide real-life experience with mental health concerns during transition years, and discuss access to needed services.

AUCD Webinar - Taking Charge of My Health Care

Learn about a free resource called “Taking Charge of My Health Care Toolkit.” The toolkit aims to increase the skills of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to manage and advocate for their health and health care through general health education, skill building exercises, and sharing of resources.

AUCD Webinar - The SHEIDD Project

Learn more about the UCEDD's collaboration with Multnomah County to support the sexual and reproductive health of young people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities.

AUCD Webinar - Dancing with the Spirits

Listen to the UCEDD at OHSU and two other UCEDDs share about the role and importance of spiritual supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families as a crucial community resource.