Community Training and Activities

Spirituality Survey

The Spirituality Survey project focuses on improving access and inclusion to spiritual supports in faith communities across Oregon by gathering information from people with disabilities and leaders or members in all spiritual communities to learn more about efforts around, and barriers to, increasing participation.

Taking Charge of My Healthcare

The Taking Charge of My Healthcare project encourages people with disabilities to take greater responsibility for their own health, wellness and health services through a series of educational modules incorporated into one full day workshop, co-lead by two facilitators with disabilities.

Empowered Youth Leaders

The Empowered Youth Leaders program promotes self-determination, independence and self-advocacy in youth with disabilities. The training is taught by self-advocates to empower youth to become leaders and use their leadership skills to create real change. 

Healthy Lifestyles: Your Health, Your Choice Academy

The Healthy Lifestyles summer academy at OHSU's Center for Health & Healing is a four day camp designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices for adolescents and young adults with disabilities. Participants will set a health and independence goal and receive support to achieve their goals for six months after the camp. This interactive experience provides resources and training for participants to develop self-advocacy skills during transition to adulthood.

Community listening

Community Listening Sessions conducted across the state provide information used to develop effective health promotion curricula and programs, trainings for professionals and community members, health transition planning, and targeted wellness media campaigns.

Sexual health trainings

These sexual health trainings are designed for members of support teams, people who work together to support youth (ages 14-21) experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities, in the Portland Metro Area. Participants build comfort, confidence and skill in supporting the social-sexual needs of people they work with by providing rights-based, person-centered and holistic sexual health education.

Community Engagement Grants

In collaboration with the Community Partners Council, the Community Engagement Grants program supports community-based programming benefiting people with developmental disabilities. Oregon non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for a grant to develop and implement programming in the following areas: family support for people with disabilities, spirituality and disability, and health promotion and disability.

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