At Oregon Office on Disability and Health we work to provide health promotion programs and content directly to the community, as well as partner with public health organizations across the state to improve quality of life for Oregonians with disabilities. We are public health educators, students, researchers, and advocates. Oregon Office on Disability and Health is a public health entity under the Institute on  Development and Disability at Oregon Health & Science University.

Taking Charge of My Health Care free online toolkit

Taking Charge of My Health Care summary

The Oregon Self-Advocacy Coalition, the Oregon Office on Disability and Health and the University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities are excited to share the Taking Charge of My Health Care Toolkit, an online resource for people with Intellectual/Developmental Disability and those who support them. The toolkit provides information, resources and skills-building strategies for individuals to learn how to best advocate for their health and health care. The toolkit offers 9 modules of different topics that can be used for individual learning or in a workshop or group format. Each of the 9 modules can also be used individually as a stand-alone lesson, or any combination of the modules can be used for a workshop or class format. The toolkit is a collaboration between the Oregon Self-Advocacy Coalition, the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Oregon Office on Disability and Health and the University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities and with input from members of an expert panel and other stakeholders.

Accessible and Inclusive Health Promotion Practices

OODH collaborated with colleagues at Comagine Health to create resources for offering accessible and inclusive health education programs. The goal is for all facilitators, leaders, and coaches of health education programs to have the knowledge and skills to deliver accessible and inclusive programs.

Training materials cover these topics:

  • Basic information on disability and prevalence of disability in Oregon
  • Basic information on accessibility and inclusion
  • Tips for planning an accessible event
  • Recruitment
  • Site selection
  • Accessible communication and plain language
  • Tips for hosting a virtual event
  • Involving support providers
  • Accessible and inclusive event materials

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Disability and Inclusivity Best Practices

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