Start conversations about relationships and sexuality

We’ve learned from young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that videos help them learn. Videos can provide visuals and explanations that young people can watch as many times as they need.

Start conversations about healthy relationships and sexuality with videos, especially those that feature people with disabilities. To get ready to have a conversation with a young person, preview the videos and consider:

  • What questions might they have about this video?
  • What questions could you ask them about the video?
  • What other information would you like to share with them?
  • Where might you pause the video? What section might you replay? 

Media accessibility

Media player controls can be used to make videos more accessible. Here is more information on ways to adjust videos with the YouTube media player:

Suggested videos

Illustrations from an Amaze video featuring characters of varied ethnicity and abilities

AMAZE aims to create age-appropriate animated videos for adolescents ages 10 to 14. It also offers parents and educators resources to open lines of communication about important sexual health topics, including healthy relationships, puberty, gender identity, sexual orientation, personal safety, pregnancy and reproduction, and sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Still frame of a video from The Specials that includes five friends laughing on a bench

The Specials is a documentary series following the lives of Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Lewis and Megan, 5 friends with intellectual disabilities who share a house in Brighton, UK. You can view trailers and clips of episodes on The Specials YouTube channel and can purchase a subscription to the show on their website.

Still frame of a video from Sproutflix that includes a young woman lying in bed looking worried

Sproutflix distributes films featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Many videos are available to stream for free and address themes of relationships, romance and sexuality.

Some suggested Sproutflix videos

Being Seen (16 min/USA) - A combination of funny, acerbic, and heart-wrenching, these people’s candid and articulate self-awareness quickly shatter preconceptions of the disabled. Rather than defining themselves by their diagnosis, individuals (young and old) strive to create meaning, meet adversity, and dream of their futures.” 

Best Interest (9 min/UK) - Paul makes the big mistake of letting his brother know he fancies Sam…who tells his dad, who tells his support worker, who tells his teacher…”

Betrayal (1.5 min/USA) - A poem written by Anonymous and recited/performed by Nadirah McFadden, two young women with developmental disabilities.”

Bumblebees (4 min/USA) - “Despite being told as a child he would never speak or walk, Vance accomplished what doctors thought was impossible. But now he has a new challenge: dating.”

Heartbreak and Beauty (14 min/Australia) - Devised by twelve people living with an intellectual disability over a period of 10 months, Heartbreak and Beauty is an experimental short film that combines music, visual metaphor, dance and original poetry to express how we are all connected through our shared human experiences of love and loss.”

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