Telehealth and You

Accessing telehealth is important to staying healthy and managing health care appointments in this virtual age. In partnership with the AT Lab at Community Vision, we created a series of four animated videos on telehealth. Learn more about what telehealth is, and how to schedule, prepare for, and participate in telehealth appointments. This project was funded by a grant from the WITH Foundation.

Part 1: What is Telehealth

This video explains what a telehealth visit is in simple, easy to understand language.

Part 2: Scheduling Telehealth

When scheduling a telehealth visit, this video talks about things to think about, such as time of day, when you will have scheduled support, and requesting disability accommodations.

Part 3: Preparing for Telehealth

To get ready for a telehealth visit, this video talks about helpful forms, preparing your technology, and AAC messages and content to program or pre-plan.

Part 4: Participating in Telehealth

On the day of a telehealth visit, this video talks about how to direct and ask questions of your healthcare worker to make sure you get what you need from your visit, especially if you use communication aids. It also talks about Supported Decision Making after your visit.