Provide Training

Help people learn to support sexual health

Help people provide holistic sexual health education to young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by making skills-based training available.

Skills-based training should include:

  • Understanding the relationship, sexual and reproductive rights of people with I/DD
  • Applying rights-affirming organizational policies and procedures 
  • Exploring and clarifying personal and professional values around relationships, sexuality and disability
  • Strategies to clarify the rights of people with I/DD and the responsibilities of support people
  • Learning approaches for teaching sexual health education to people with I/DD
  • Strategies to collaborate with teams to provide sexual health education to people with I/DD

Training resource manual

IPPF Keep Me Safe project manual webpage

IPPF European Network’s Keep Me Safe project Training manual for sensitizing intermediaries on sexual rights of young people with learning disabilities was developed to help organizations train staff, educators, and caregivers on “the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people with mild to moderate learning disabilities.” It provides examples of training activities that can be adapted for specific organizations and communities working with young people with disabilities


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