Taking Charge of My Health Care Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide self-advocates with the knowledge, skills and tools to learn about how to best advocate for their health and health care. The toolkit can also be utilized by direct service professionals and family members who also want to learn the information and/or who want to support self-advocates in their learning. 

Advocating for one's health and health care is a necessary skill to ensure access to quality care and one's ability to make informed decisions about what happens to their body. The toolkit's 12 modules provide comprehensive information for people interested in advocating for their health care, exploring new topics, learning new skills, building confidence, and getting a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities. The toolkit's interactive style, and the materials being provided in a variety of formats, i.e., videos, PowerPoints and written materials, allows people with various learning styles to successfully access the materials.

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Module 10: Me and My Accommodations