Cross-relationships support our multidisciplinary research

Reflective of the collaborative nature of our work, many OCSSB faculty have affiliations with others centers, programs and organizations across OHSU:

Headshot of Joe Gray

Joe Gray, Ph.D.
Former Director, OCSSB; Professor Emeritus, BME
grayjo@ohsu.edu | Faculty profile | Gray Lab

Headshot of Heidi Feiler

Heidi Feiler, Ph.D., M.A.
Research Associate Professor, BME
503-494-7707feiler@ohsu.edu | Faculty profile 

Headshot of Claudia López

Claudia López, Ph.D. 
Co-director of PNCC and Director, MMC
Research Associate Professor, OCSSB
503-418-0186 | lopezcl@ohsu.edu  | Faculty profile

Headshot of Craig Yoshioka

Craig Yoshioka, Ph.D.
Co-director of PNCC
Research Assistant Professor, Gray Lab
yoshiokc@ohsu.edu | Faculty profile

Headshot of Kimberly Beatty

Kimberly Beatty, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, CPB
503-494-9359 | beattyk@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Beatty Lab

Headshot of Young Hwan Chang

Young Hwan Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, CompBio
510-684-4755 | chanyo@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Chang Lab 

Headshot of Koei Chin

Kwang-Yung Chen (Koei Chin), M.D., Ph.D. 
Research Associate Professor, CEDAR
503-494-0519 | chinkoei@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Gray Lab 

Headshot of Catherine Galbraith

Catherine Galbraith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, BME
503-494-0157 | galbrcat@ohsu.edu  
Faculty profile | Galbraith Lab 

Headshot of Jim Galbraith

James (Jim) Galbraith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, BME
503-494-0157 | galbrjam@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Galbraith Lab 

Headshot of Summer Gibbs

Summer Gibbs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, BME
503-494-8940 | gibbss@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Gibbs Lab 

Headshot of Laura Heiser

Laura Heiser, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Vice Chair, BME
503-346-4617 | heiserl@ohsu.edu 
Faculty profile | Heiser Lab

Headshot of James (Jim) Korkola

James Korkola, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, OCSSB
503-494-4943 | korkola@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Korkola Lab

Headshot of John Muschler

John Muschler, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor, Brenden-Colson Center
503-494-0519 | muschler@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Gray Lab

Headshot of Xiaolin Nan

Xiaolin Nan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, BME
503-418-9317 | nan@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Nan Lab

Headshot of Guillaume Thibault

Guillaume Thibault, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor, CEDAR
503-346-3752 | thibaulg@ohsu.edu 
Faculty profile | Gray Lab 

Headshot of Daniel Zuckerman

Daniel M. Zuckerman, Ph.D.
Professor, BME
503 418-4159 | zuckermd@ohsu.edu
Faculty profile | Zuckerman Lab