Welcome to Computational Biology

The OHSU computational biology program supports the development of innovative computational approaches to a range of programs in basic and translational research throughout OHSU. Research in the computational biology program focuses on integrative analysis of high dimensional heterogeneous molecular, imaging, and clinical data to infer predictive models of disease-related phenotypes and functional interventions that induce desired phenotypic transitions. The computational biology team has advanced training in machine learning, statistical techniques, and a track record of innovation in a biomedical application, and are ready to provide any support that might be necessary for the OHSU research and clinical community.

Current Program Focus

Currently the focus of the Computational Biology Program is:

  1. Faculty-driven research
    1. We are in the process of hiring new faculty who will assist and support with many of our projects and grants underway as well as focus on the Genotype to Phenotype (G2P) machine learning.
2.  Build a Bioinformatics core for OHSU, to accomplish the following:
    1. Bring Computational Biology expertise & tools to research across the OHSU campus.
    2. Come up with shared standards for 'omics data analysis and the pipelines to automate them, and establish an efficient and/or distributed custom analysis process post-pipeline.
    3. Organize shared data, reduce fragmentation, and increase transparency of the data available across OHSU.
    4. Leverage tools developed by Computational Biology faculty for researchers across campus, with a goal of ensuring the tools align with researchers' needs.