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The Multiscale Microscopy Core is a state-of-the-art electron microscopy core that was established in 2013 through the collaborative efforts of the OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine and Hillsboro-based FEI.  It provides imaging services, technical support and training to academic and corporate users.  The MMC offers multiple levels of service that correspond with the analysis and/or training each user desires. Training on the instruments can be provided for individuals who anticipate having long-term EM projects. Microscope access is granted by three different mechanisms and priority is given in the following order: internal academic users (OHSU faculty and affiliates), external academic users (a proposal is submitted for review and approval) and external confidential/corporate users (no proposal review).

Also available

Recent upgrades in MMC instrumentation include:

  • ZEISS Crossbeam 550 Microscope with Leica Cryo-stage and Atlas 5 Software.  This new instrument was installed in October 2019 with funds from HHMI to Dr. Eric Gouaux.
  • Thermo Fisher Volume Scope II Serial Block Face Scanning Electron Microscope (SBF_SEM) (January 2020).  This instrument upgrade was possible thank you to our collaborative efforts with Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Leica 3D ARTOS ideal ultramicrotome to produce multiple high-quality ribbons of plastic sections.  This purchase was obtained with funds from our University Research Office (February 2020)
  • AMT NanoSprint12S-B cMOS camera system.  This 12 Megapixel camera was installed in our Tecnai 12 with funds from our University Research Office (February 2020)
  • Glacios cryoTEM with K3 Gatan technologies.


Please direct any inquiries, including pricing, training, services or instrument capabilities to MMC@ohsu.edu