Salary and Benefits

As one of Portland’s largest and premier employers, OHSU is committed to providing comprehensive, affordable and customizable benefits for its employees. Total rewards package includes benefits that meet the essential health needs of employees and their families, help secure a strong financial future and enhance wellbeing.

The salary levels for residents/fellows for the 2022 - 2023 academic year are listed below.  The biweekly salary is dependent upon the level of postgraduate training the resident/fellow has completed within the United States.

Incoming medical physics residents are paid at a PGY-1 level and incoming radiation oncology residents are paid at a PGY-2 level.

Training Level FY 23 Salary @ 1.0 FTE (Biweekly) FY 23 Salary @ 1.0 FTE (Annual)
PGY1 $2,379.77 $61,874.10
PGY2 $2,493.51 $64,831.19
PGY3 $2,611.31 $67,894.07
PGY4 $2,741.24 $71,272.23
PGY5 $2,887.43 $75,073.05

OHSU residents are provided various plans from which to choose for medical, dental, vision, prescription and life insurances, with optional coverage including disability, AD&D and family coverage.  OHSU pays for most of the costs of the monthly premium for employees and part of the costs of the monthly premium for spouses and children.

Residents will have default benefits on their first day physically working at OHSU. The default benefit plan covers the individual resident only. Benefits include a substantial annual paid time off package which provides 4 weeks of vacation, 3 weeks of sick leave, 3 weeks of paid parental leave, up to 5 days of annual paid education, 4 wellness half-days and 9 paid holidays.

Residents are eligible for a 457b retirement plan with 3% contributed by OHSU at the end of the academic year.


Vacation Leave: Residents are provided with 4 weeks of vacation leave annually. Vacation leave must be used by June 30 of the academic year. Vacation leave does not rollover into the following academic year.

Sick Leave: Residents are provided with 3 weeks of sick leave on annually.  Sick leave does not have to be used in the same academic year. Sick leave does rollover into the following academic year and residents do not receive compensation unused sick time upon completing training.

Wellness Days: The department encourages a healthy lifestyle for its residents and promotes the importance of a work–life balance. GME provides each resident with 4 wellness half-days annually to provide residents with protected time to ensure they are adequately managing burnout and stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Educational Leave: Residents are eligible for up to 5 days of paid education leave annually.

Parental Leave: Residents are subject to OHSU’s policies for parental leave. OHSU will provide 3 weeks of paid leave for eligible residents for time away from work due to the birth or adoption of a child.

Family Medical Leave: Residents are subject to OHSU’s policies for family medical leave (FMLA and OFLA). OHSU will provide eligible residents protected leave for qualifying medical or family reasons. 

If you have a question about a specific type of leave not listed above please send your question to

Other Benefits

Retirement Plans

Resident Education Budget

Meal Money 

Transportation subsidies/Discounted parking

Childcare discount at OHSU childcare program

Employee discounts (ex. Apple, Nike, Adidas, Columbia, travel, fitness, sporting events)

US News 2022

U.S. News analyzed 125 metro areas in the United States to find the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market in each metro area, as well as the value of living there and people's desire to live there.

Portland, Oregon is ranked:

 #10 in Best Places to Live

 #34 in Best Places to Retire


Portland’s has 5 main neighborhoods (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, North Portland), divided on and by Burnside Street and the Willamette River. The median price of homes currently listed in Portland is $515,360. The median rent price in Portland is $1,495.

Summary about cost of living in Portland:

  • Four-person family monthly costs: $3,751.06 without rent
  • A single person monthly costs: $1,047.28 without rent
  • Cost of living index in Portland is 19.20% lower than in New York
  • Rent in Portland is, on average, 55.23% lower than in New York

Getting Around

Portland is a very easy city to navigate by car, bike or public transportation. Walk Score gave Portland the following scores: 

Walker’s Paradise: 97

     Daily errands do not require a car.

Rider’s Paradise: 93

     World-class public transportation.

Biker’s Paradise: 91

     Daily errands can be accomplished on a bike.

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