Department Artwork

Artwork history

The 4th floor of the Radiation Medicine Department is enhanced with paintings by artists from Yamhill County selected by the Marquam Hill Art Committee. The Marquam Hill Art Committee was formed in 1985 as a committee responsible to the Marquam Hill Steering Committee, a committee dedicated to advancement of the University.

The goal of placing art in OHSU facilities is to enrich people’s lives by placing original works of art throughout the campus.  It is the belief that artwork helps give an institution a feeling of humanity and established roots.  In placing a variety of media and images the hope is to create a comforting, yet intellectually stimulating atmosphere.  Artwork is selected on the basis of artistic merit and suitability to the setting in which it will be placed.

The Marquam Hill Art Committee purchases all works of art or accepts juried gifts of art that are considered original and fitting.  All art acquired by the Art Committee is inventoried and is the property of OHSU.

When the Radiation Medicine Department was moved to the new Peter Kohler Pavilion in 2006, it was decided to commission artist, Scott Sonniksen for a painting in memory of Melody Teppola, a Yamhill County resident in recognition of her long service to the Marquam Hill Steering Committee and the Marquam Hill Art Committee. Members of both committees and the artist donated funds for the artwork, presently placed in the lobby of the OHSU Radiation Medicine Department, located on the 4th floor of the Peter Kohler Pavilion.

Donated artwork

'Nobody Fights Alone'
'Nobody Fights Alone' - Caitlyn N. Sparkman
Cure Cancer - Sparkman
'Cure Cancer' - Caitlyn N. Sparkman

Caitlyn Sparkman donated three pieces of original artwork to the Department of Radiation Medicine in 2015. Ms. Sparkman, former OHSU volunteer said of the donation "I was inspired to paint this when I visited the Knight Cancer Institute with my mother. The colors I used symbolize the cancer ribbon colors. I wanted all the colors in one person to show that we are stronger together and can find a cure."

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