Radiation Therapy Program

RT Class of 2023 using VERT

The Radiation Therapy Program offers a challenging and rewarding work environment with other possibilities for personal advancement. The program prepares professional students in the field of radiation oncology, a highly specialized branch of medicine that utilities ionizing radiation in the treatment of disease.

A radiation therapist is a vital member of the oncology team. They work closely with closely with social workers, oncology nurses, and physicians to support cancer patients and their families through the physical and emotional challenges of diagnosis and treatment.

The admissions application for the Radiation Therapy Program is available annually from November 1 to February 1.

For information about the Radiation Therapy Program, including admission requirements, curriculum, tuition and fees, faculty profiles, and recent student projects, please visit our program's website.

Program contacts

Radiation Therapy Admissions

Kristi Tonning
Program Director

Maria Thompson
Clinical Coordinator

Kalistah Cosand
Administrative Coordinator

Arthur Hung
Medical Director

Please direct questions about the online application to: ohsuinfo@liaisoncas.com or call Customer Service (857) 304-2017 Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm EST.