OHSU Employee Benefits

OHSU provides competitive, affordable benefits that can provide protection, peace of mind and savings. Our packages include health care, income protection and more.

We offer:

  • Medical, dental and vision coverage at no or low cost to employees
  • Access to retirement plans
  • Generous paid holidays, vacation and sick time
  • Commuter subsidies
  • Access to group life insurance, disability insurance and other supplemental benefits
  • Discounts just for OHSU members
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    Medical, dental and vision

    Medical and mental health benefits: Our medical plan options include OHSU clinical services as well as a network of providers throughout the Portland metro area. Our plans are affordable, whether you need coverage for yourself only or for your whole family. We are proud of our low monthly premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

    Dental benefits: We offer three plans so you can choose the level of care and provider network that meets your needs.

    Vision benefits: We offer two plans with coverage for eye exams, glasses and contacts.

    Retirement benefits

    We offer both voluntary and OHSU-funded retirement plans, so you can choose the options that meet your goals.

    University Pension Plan: Employees can start contributing after three months. Employees who qualify receive matching contributions from OHSU.

    Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan: This plan is part of Oregon PERS (Public Employees Retirement System). Employees who already have PERS accounts may move them to OHSU.

    University Voluntary Savings Program: You can start contributing right from your date of hire.

    Holidays and paid time off

    • Holidays: Employees get eight or nine holidays a year, depending on the job.
    • Vacation: OHSU provides paid vacation time. The amount depends on your job and years of service. All full-time employees earn at least 128 hours a year.
    • ​​​​​​Sick time: Eligible employees can earn additional paid sick leave.

    Supporting diversity

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging:  OHSU’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging works to create and support an environment where everyone feels respected and included.

    Employee groups: OHSU sponsors employee resource groups where employees with common backgrounds or shared interests can connect.

    Anti-racism action plan: OHSU is striving to become an anti-racist, multicultural institution and to become an institution that fully lives up to its values. Programs include unconscious-bias training and anti-racist wellness resources.

    Additional benefits

    Child care: Selected child care providers offer discounts and priority enrollment.

    A sign on a bicycle in a bike corral identifies it as part of OHSU’s Bike Share program.]
    OHSU employees have free access to bikes for short trips on campus through the OHSU Bike Share program

    Commuting: Programs and discounts include:

    • Reservable parking, with daily rates based on pay
    • Deeply discounted TriMet and C-TRAN passes
    • Bike loaners, subsidies and valet parking

    Disability insurance: OHSU offers optional short- and long-term disability insurance. Employees can also enroll in insurance to help cover unexpected expenses from a hospital stay or serious illness.

    Flexible spending accounts: OHSU offers several pre-tax savings accounts for qualifying medical expenses and family care.

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding: OHSU offers private lactation rooms, plus a range of work accommodations.

    Professional development: OHSU offers education discounts and reimbursement to eligible employees.

    Tuition: We offer reimbursement for selected courses at Oregon universities and colleges for degrees or professional development. Discounted School of Nursing classes are also available.

    OHSU benefits: frequently asked questions

    Most employees who work at least 20 hours a week qualify for benefits. If you qualify to enroll in OHSU benefits, you may also enroll your eligible dependents:

    • Spouses
    • Domestic partners
    • Children younger than 26
    • Children 26 and older who can’t support themselves because of mental or physical disability

    Employees who do not qualify for benefits include:

    • AFSCME flex staffers, with some exceptions
    • AFSCME relief, with some exceptions
    • ONA resource nurses, with some exceptions
    • Student workers
    • Temporary employees

      OHSU covers the full cost of medical insurance for full-time employees. Depending on the plan you choose, OHSU also covers part of the cost for enrolling your spouse or domestic partner and children in medical coverage.

      OHSU also covers a set amount of the cost of dental and vision coverage for you and your family.

      If you choose not to enroll in medical, dental or vision coverage, you may be eligible for an opt-out credit.

      Yes. If you qualify to enroll in OHSU medical, dental and vision benefits, you may also enroll:

      • Spouse
      • Domestic partner
      • Children younger than 26
      • Children 26 or older who cannot support themselves because of mental or physical disability

      OHSU employees can choose from:

      • Three medical plans
      • Three dental plans
      • Two vision plans

      The waiting period is three to six months, depending on the plan you choose.

      Once you become fully vested, you own 100% of your retirement benefits.

      University Pension Plan: Employees are fully vested after three years of service or when they turn 50, whichever comes first.

      Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan: Employees are fully vested when they meet one of these:

      • Work five years in one or more PERS-eligible positions for at least 600 hours a year. Any gap in PERS-eligible employment must be less than five years.
      • Be in a PERS-eligible position on or after their 65th birthday.

      Tuition assistance includes:

      • Reimbursement for selected courses at Oregon universities and colleges for degrees or professional development.
      • ONA employees can get discounts for courses in School of Nursing programs.

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