About Primary Care at OHSU

Primary Care | Family medicine doctor, Hetal Choxi,treats patients at OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health
Family physician Hetal Choxi treats patients at OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health. Our primary care clinics are located throughout the area, so you can get care near your home or work.

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A visit to one of OHSU’s primary care clinics can help you live well at any stage of life. You can expect:

  • Team-based care from providers who develop a long-standing relationship with you.
  • Locations throughout the community that can serve your whole family, from infants to seniors.
  • Specialized services for babies, children, teens, adults, expectant moms, seniors and more.
  • Care that meets OHSU’s exceptional standards, whether you see us on one of our campuses or at a clinic in your neighborhood.

Why is primary care important?

Research shows that people who develop a relationship with a primary care provider live longer, healthier lives.

When you get regular preventive care:

  • You’re less likely to go to the hospital or take sick time.
  • You’re better able to manage chronic conditions.
  • You’re more likely to be satisfied with your care.
  • You may spend less money on health care because preventing illness costs less than treating it after you get sick.

How do I choose a primary care provider?

Primary Care | Dr. Johanna Warren is the head of the Primary Care Division at OHSU’s Center for Women's Health
Dr. Johanna Warren is the head of the Primary Care Division at OHSU’s Center for Women's Health. Her team helps drive innovation in how primary care is delivered.

Your primary care provider, or PCP, serves as a partner for your health. Your PCP is the first person you’ll see for care in most cases, aside from emergencies. Your PCP will:

  • Get to know you well.
  • Help you set health goals.
  • Treat illnesses and minor injuries.
  • Prevent or manage long-term conditions.
  • When needed, coordinate your care with other providers.

There are many types of PCPs. You might select a doctor who specializes in primary care for certain types of patients. Or you can choose a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner who offers primary care for your whole family:

  • Family medicine providers treat patients of any age. They often serve as the PCP for your whole family. Some family doctors also provide care for you during pregnancy and childbirth. Others might specialize in certain age groups, such as geriatrics (seniors).
  • Pediatricians care for babies, children and teens. Some pediatricians specialize in adolescent medicine.
  • Internal medicine providers, or general internists, care for adults, often those with complex conditions. They might specialize in:

Is a primary care provider the same as a medical home?

PCPs and medical homes are related, but each plays a distinct role. When you choose your health insurance, some plans require you to select a medical home. All of OHSU’s primary care clinics are certified patient-centered primary care medical homes. That means we are recognized by the state of Oregon for care that puts patients at the heart of everything we do.

When you select an OHSU primary care clinic as your medical home, that clinic will provide most of your physical and behavioral health care. Your primary care provider leads your care at the clinic, with the help of their team, and coordinates with specialists when needed.

As your medical home, your OHSU clinic will aim to meet as many of your health needs in one place as possible. Along with providing primary care for your whole family, many of our locations offer:

  • Sports medicine services
  • Behavioral health and wellness services
  • Pregnancy care
  • Care for the transgender and gender-nonconforming communities
  • Other specialty services

We also deliver care with respect to your cultural background and in your preferred language.

Where can I see my primary care team?

OHSU has primary care clinics on our campuses and throughout the community. We’re near where you live and work, so it’s easy to see your primary care team whether you’re in Scappoose or Southeast Portland.

No matter which location you choose, you’ll find:

  • Weekend and evening hours
  • Same-day appointments for urgent needs
  • Video visits with your primary care team
  • A 24/7 advice line so you can speak to a provider after hours

If your primary care team is not available, we offer immediate care in person or online.