Primary Care Specialty Services

Anthony Cheng, M.D., a family physician, has a special interest in pediatrics and adolescent health, LGBTQ and transgender care, and medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction
Anthony Cheng, M.D., a family physician, has a special interest in pediatrics and adolescent health, LGBTQ and transgender care, and medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction.

Addiction services

All OHSU primary care clinics offer addiction services to our patients. You can find help through two programs that treat alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Harm Reduction and Bridges to Care (HRBR, pronounced “harbor”) program is a quick, safe and confidential option. It is for people interested in taking medication to stop or limit their drug and / or alcohol use.

Services include:

  • Prescriptions for addiction-management medications such as buprenorphine (Suboxone or Subutex), naloxone (Narcan), naltrexone or acamprosate.
  • Screenings for HIV and Hepatitis C.
  • Access to peer recovery specialists.
  • Connections to long-term care for alcohol and drug use

To access care, call 503-494-2100 to schedule an appointment. We offer in-person, telephone and video visits. 

Located at the Primary Care Clinic, Marquam Hill, HRBR is open from noon to 7:30 p.m. weekdays.

Our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program is a longer-term option. It brings together primary care providers, nurses and counselors to treat opioid addiction.

Services include:

  • Treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.
  • Team-based care from a primary care provider, nurse and counselor.
  • Buprenorphine medication to ease withdrawal and decrease cravings.
  • A nurse who works with you on managing your medications and getting refills.
  • Individual mental health counseling, group coaching and other support services.

For medication-assisted treatment for substance use, talk to your OHSU primary care provider. If you are not yet a primary care patient at OHSU, make an appointment with one of our primary care providers and let them know you are interested in MAT.

Behavioral health

OHSU’s primary care clinics offer behavioral health services to our patients.

What does that mean? Behavioral health focuses on how your lifestyle, physical health and mental health affect your well-being.

Dr. Anthony Cheng’s primary care practice includes an emphasis on integrative medicine, meaning he considers your mental health and lifestyle as part of your overall well-being. He sees patients at OHSU’s South Waterfront clinic.
Dr. Anthony Cheng’s primary care practice includes an emphasis on holistic medicine, meaning he considers your mental health and lifestyle as part of your overall well-being. He sees patients at the OHSU Primary Care Clinic, South Waterfront.

We provide behavioral health care along with preventive care to help you meet your wellness goals. Often, you’ll be able to see a specialist back-to-back with your primary care appointment.

Our providers take a team-based approach and have special training in trauma-informed care.

We can help you:

  • Change your eating and exercise habits
  • Manage stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Identify mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression
  • Address tobacco and alcohol use

When you need additional support, we can connect you with a mental health counselor or community program for individual or group therapy.

Our behavioral health services are available only to OHSU primary care patients. If you are interested in behavioral health, talk with your primary care provider. 

Community programs

OHSU’s primary care teams participate in health fairs, get involved with local charities, and supports other activities to help our community live well.

Each community’s needs are different. That’s why each of our clinics has an advisory board made up of patients who let us know how we can best help.

For example, our Benson High Wellness Center provides primary care for students, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

In another joint effort with the community, our Gabriel Park location serves as a breast milk donation site to help babies in need get the benefit of pasteurized human milk. The clinic also offers discounted bike helmets and expert helmet fittings.

All our clinics:

  • Partner with local farms and the Oregon Food Bank to deliver fresh, healthy food to the patients who need it most.
  • Have money available to help patients who need transportation to appointments or to get prescriptions, groceries and other necessities.
  • Set aside books for children to take home.
  • Offer new or gently used coats, socks and other clothing items for people who need them, no questions asked. 

Hepatitis C treatment

OHSU primary care clinics offer hepatitis C treatment for our patients. Hepatitis C is the leading cause of liver failure and liver cancer, but it can be cured.

New hepatitis C treatments are easier to take, have fewer side effects, and can cure hepatitis C within 8 to 12 weeks. These medications are completely covered by all Oregon Medicaid plans. Patients with other insurance plans can apply for grants and scholarships to help with costs.

Hepatitis C treatment teams include primary care providers, pharmacists, and care coordinators to support patients through each step of care.

If you are interested in hepatitis C treatment, talk with your OHSU primary care provider.

HIV care

OHSU HIV services on Marquam Hill serves adults living with HIV, and people at risk of developing HIV.

Providers from pharmacy, nursing, medicine, social work and psychiatry work together. They combine their expertise to provide high-quality care that is free of stigma and that supports the diverse communities affected by HIV.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive HIV primary care, including gender-diverse care
  • Urgent care for established patients
  • On-site case management
  • HIV prevention with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening and treatment
  • Treatment of chronic hepatitis C
  • Addiction medicine
  • HIV services for immigrants and refugees
  • Mental health services, in-house and by referral to community agencies

To make an appointment with an HIV specialist, contact the HIV care team.

Transgender and gender-nonbinary care

We provide primary care as part of OHSU’s Transgender Health Program. We can also connect you with a gender-affirming provider at OHSU, or help you find a knowledgeable non-OHSU provider in your community.

Our clinic offers:

  • Providers with expertise treating transgender and nonbinary patients
  • Dedicated times for gender-affirming primary care
  • Routine preventive care, including respectful screenings for anyone with a prostate or cervix, regardless of gender identity
  • Hormone therapy
  • Medical records that reflect your name, pronouns and gender identity
  • Safe, affirming restroom access

To learn more about transgender health at OHSU, contact the Transgender Health Program.

To make a primary care appointment, find a provider.

Travel medicine

OHSU’s travel medicine clinics help you prevent illness when traveling abroad. Travel medicine doctors, available at our Gabriel Park clinic, provide information and services specific to your itinerary and health.

We recommend scheduling an appointment at least six weeks before your trip. That helps us make sure your vaccinations are up to date and that any additional immunizations are effective before you leave.

We offer:

  • Pre-travel vaccinations
  • Counseling on health risks associated with your itinerary (traveler’s diarrhea, malaria, altitude sickness, jet lag)
  • Medical advice during your trip via MyChart
  • On-site pharmacies for recommended medications
  • Post-travel consultations for trip-related illnesses

To make a travel medicine appointment, contact the Primary Care Clinic, Gabriel Park.