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A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, but can cause significant symptoms and ongoing brain impairment. Concussions can result from a force or impact to the head, most commonly during a high-contact sport, a fall or a bike or car accident.

OHSU provides full-service care for concussion management, including treatment, research, education and community outreach through our OHSU Sports Concussion Program—the only program of its kind in Oregon.

Why should I see a concussion specialist?

A concussion specialist has experience in caring for concussions and understanding the many issues that may come up. Concussion specialists can also help you develop a thorough recovery plan based on your lifestyle. They usually collaborate with a therapy team, allowing for a thorough evaluation of your condition.

The OHSU Sports Concussion Program addresses every part of sports concussions, from on-field assessment and physician evaluations to rehabilitation and return to academics and sports. Our team, located at the OHSU Center for Healing on Portland’s South Waterfront and at OHSU Gabriel Park clinic includes sports medicine doctors; physical, occupational and speech-language therapists; counselors; neurologists; neurosurgeons; neuropsychologists; and athletic trainers specializing in concussion.

Research studies

OHSU is conducting two research studies related to concussions. One study is designed to determine how to make rehabilitation better for people with concussions and the other study is designed to determine when people are safely ready to return to their sport or occupation after a concussion. Read more about the studies here

If you are interested in participating in one of these studies please email concussionresearch@ohsu.edu or call 503-418-2602.

Brain Matters

Brain Matters is a youth outreach group led by teens and young adults who mentor young people on recovery, advocacy, and brain health. The group is facilitated by Tyler Duffield, Ph.D., a pediatric neuropsychology fellow with the OHSU Sports Medicine program who specializes in concussion/mTBI, but the group functions autonomously through member participation. The Brain Matters group meets once a month to discuss concussion topics and plan outreach projects. See the Brain Matters flyer for more information.