OHSU Brain Institute Clinical Trials

Dr. Melanie Fried-Oken sitting next to steps outside of an OHSU facility
Melanie Fried-Oken, Ph.D., an OHSU Brain Institute scientist, is working to develop brain-computer interface systems, in part through clinical trials. BCI uses brain signals to help paralyzed people communicate.

Clinical trials are a cornerstone of research at the OHSU Brain Institute. They offer patients a chance to try promising new treatments or approaches. They also help OHSU scientists better understand neurologic conditions as they work toward cures.

At OHSU, you’ll find:

  • Dozens of clinical trials across a range of conditions.
  • Providers/researchers who will guide you at every step.
  • Hundreds of scientists with the latest equipment and a strong track record of discovery.

Our excellence

The OHSU Brain Institute offers you the most advanced care in Oregon.

  • We are one of the nation’s top recipients of research funding from the National Institutes of Health.
  • Our clinical trials, combined with our many services and treatments, combine to offer you more treatment options than anywhere else in Oregon.
  • OHSU is Oregon’s only academic health center. Pursuing discoveries to improve scientific understanding and patient care is one of our core missions.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are studies involving human subjects that test a new way to prevent, detect, treat or manage an illness or injury. Clinical trials follow many steps of lab research. They give scientists the opportunity to see if their work will benefit patients.

Visit our Knight Cancer Institute page on Understanding Clinical Trials to learn about:

  • Benefits and risks
  • How clinical trials work
  • Patient safety
  • Clinical trial phases
  • Costs
  • Questions to ask
Gregory Bieker with brain-computer interface equipment, helmet and monitors
Gregory Bieker helps the OHSU research team led by Dr. Fried-Oken design studies and test brain-computer interface equipment.

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Stay informed

News: Read about research breakthroughs, patient care and many other topics on the OHSU News site.

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