Heart Valve Program Team

Our providers will work together and with you — to offer you the most innovative and least-invasive options for heart valve disease. At the Knight Cardiovascular Institute’s Complex Heart Valve Program, you’ll find:

  • Oregon’s most experienced team in repairing and replacing heart valves with minimally invasive catheters.
  • Providers who collaborate, meeting each week to go over your care.
  • Doctors who completed advanced training (fellowships) in their fields.
  • Doctors who also researchers developing and refining ways to treat heart valve disease.
  • Experts who are part of a program with a 60-year history of groundbreaking innovations, including the first artificial heart valve.

Program co-directors

Cardiologists, interventional cardiologists and surgeons

Advanced practice providers

Physician assistants

Coordinator and scheduler

  • Klaudia Ditter, scheduler
  • Megan Sass, coordinator

For patients

Call 503-494-1775 to:

  • Request an appointment
  • Seek a second opinion
  • Ask questions


Center for Health & Healing Building 1
3303 S. Bond Ave.
Portland, OR 97239
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Physicians Pavilion
3270 S.W. Pavilion Loop
Portland, OR 97239
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