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OHSU’s Heart Valve Program can treat all forms of heart valve disease. We care for high-risk patients and those who require advanced therapies that only a multi-disciplinary team of highly advanced specialists can provide - including options for patients previously thought to be untreatable. For appointments, call 503-494-1775.

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Dr. Zahr, of the OHSU Heart Valve Program, speaking with a patient.

Treatment options for heart valve disease

If any of the heart’s four valves (aortic, mitral, pulmonary and tricuspid) become diseased or damaged, blood might not leave your heart at the normal rate, or might flow backwards into your heart. OHSU’s heart valve experts can treat all forms of heart valve disease, including regurgitation, stenosis, insufficiency, prolapse and endocarditis. Many treatment options are available to repair or replace valves, including:

  • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)
  • Percutaneous pulmonary valve (Melody Valve) replacement
  • Minimally invasive valve surgery
  • Traditional valve surgery
  • Mitral valve repair

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The OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute partners with providers around the region to care for patients with heart and vascular conditions. We provide continuing education, clinical trials, and resources for the practitioners we work with.

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