ROSE Nomination

The ROSE (Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence) Program is sponsored by Human Resources. Anyone can be nominated for the award, by a patient, supervisor or fellow employee, for service beyond the normal scope of their job. After the ROSE committee has reviewed the selected nominations are then recognized as either as Gold or Red ROSE recipients, every other month and honored at an awards celebration.

We've all experienced those magical moments when someone makes your day – by treating you like family, by looking out for your well-being, by making that extra effort that transforms a small act into a big difference.

The ROSE Program honors these experiences and celebrates the exceptional acts of service excellence that make our workplace a community. We recognize these individuals for providing acts of compassion, dedication, tenacity, generosity, communication and leadership, among others.

But we need your help. In order to commend our colleagues, we need you to nominate them for the award! It's a simple act that only takes a few moments of your time but can have a huge impact on your friend's day. Anyone may nominate an employee, volunteer, unit or team. There is only one nomination form for all ROSE awards.

To nominate, simply fill out the online form or submit the hard copy form (PDFs can be printed from O2).

Golden Rose Award Placards
Golden Rose Award flowers atop invitations

ROSE Award Questions?

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