Fetal Care Program

A female doctor standing behind a pregnant woman who is lying on her back on an exam table, with the doctor pointing to an ultrasound monitor as the pregnant woman watches.
Dr. Erin Madriago (right), a pediatric cardiologist, uses advanced fetal echocardiography to diagnose heart problems in developing babies.

The Fetal Care Program at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital offers the most advanced care between Seattle and San Francisco. We give you and your family the best possible care for defects and disorders found before birth. We are the only program in the Pacific Northwest where you and your baby stay togetherthrough diagnosis, delivery, recovery and beyond.

You’ll find:

  • Team-based care from top experts in maternal, fetal and newborn medicine.
  • The latest tests for early, accurate diagnosis.
  • Advanced minimally invasive procedures in the womb, including treatment for twin-twin transfusion syndrome.
  • The region’s largest team of specialists in complex children’s conditions.
  • Support, counseling and resources throughout your pregnancy.

Conditions we treat

It’s hard to wait for answers about the health of your baby. That’s why our specialists will work together to evaluate your baby and provide information and care as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to create the right care plan for you and your family.

The most common conditions we see include:

A female doctor feeling the stomach of a pregnant woman lying down on an exam table.

Our excellence

Our fetal care team will give you and your baby first-rate care, including:

Unmatched expertise: We have Oregon’s largest and most experienced team of fetal specialists. Our team includes national experts in:

  • Maternal-fetal medicine
  • Genetics
  • Fetal imaging
  • Fetal heart care
  • Fetal surgery
  • Newborn intensive care

Extensive experience: We see about 350 pregnant women a year. We offer the most experience in the region for rare and complex fetal conditions.

Advanced technology and techniques: We offer the latest tests and minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat your baby in the womb.

What to expect

Doctors usually see the first signs of a fetal condition during a routine ultrasound. But they often lack the expertise or technology to tell you exactly what’s wrong.

That’s where we come in. When you are referred to Doernbecher’s Fetal Care Program, we’ll tell you as much as we can, as soon as we can.

You can expect:

  • A call from a nurse within two to three days of your referral. The nurse will coordinate your care and answer your questions.
  • Your first tests and doctor visits all on one day.
  • Comprehensive lab and genetic testing services.
  • Time to talk with your care team about your diagnosis and what it means for you and your family.
  • Support during difficult decisions.
  • Support from the nurse coordinator throughout your pregnancy and delivery.
  • Advice on travel and where to stay if you live far away.
A female healthcare provider sitting down and talking with a pregnant patient.

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