Facial Pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia)

Facial Pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia) photo of a hand pointing to a head scan

An international expert on trigeminal neuralgia, a searing type of facial pain, leads our team of specialists at the OHSU Brain Institute. Dr. Kim Burchiel and his team are dedicated to finding the exact cause of your pain and the best way to treat it.

Our advanced care includes:

  • The most advanced tools and strategies, developed here at OHSU, to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • A team of surgeons, physician assistants and nurses who will work closely with your primary care provider.
  • 3D images to pinpoint the cause of your pain and to guide your treatment.
  • The most advanced treatments, including the latest surgical options.
  • Care by providers on the leading edge of research discoveries.
  • A full menu of support services for you and your family.

Facial pain tool

The trigeminal nerve branches across each side of the face.
The trigeminal nerve branches across each side of the face. (Illustration by Andy Rekito/OHSU)

Use our interactive questionnaire to assess the kind of facial pain you have and to learn about treatment options.

Our excellence

OHSU researcher Shirley McCartney, Ph.D.
OHSU Brain Institute researcher Shirley McCartney, Ph.D., works closely with our providers on facial pain research.

Our facial pain clinic is unmatched because of our expertise and research breakthroughs. We’re also part of the OHSU Brain Institute, a national leader in treating brain and nervous system disorders.

Experience: We understand that an accurate diagnosis is the most important step to relieving your pain. You may have already seen many specialists in search of relief. At OHSU, Dr. Burchiel brings you more than 30 years of experience treating facial pain. Our team can treat even difficult, severe and long-term cases.

Expertise: Dr. Burchiel is an internationally recognized neurosurgeon and author of a highly regarded textbook on treating pain, “Surgical Management of Pain.” He has published dozens of papers on facial pain. Colleagues Dr. Ahmed Raslan and researcher Shirley McCartney, Ph.D., contributed to the pain textbook and also have extensive published research.

Team-based care: Our neurosurgeons, physician assistants and nurses work together. They will collaborate with your primary care doctor to offer you the most advanced care for facial pain.


Our clinic is in the Center for Health & Healing Building 1, on OHSU’s South Waterfront Campus. The building has parking, and it’s on bus and light-rail lines. It’s also next to the Portland Aerial Tram, offering quick access to any service you might need on our Marquam Hill Campus.

Research and clinical trials

OHSU patients benefit from research that has transformed the understanding and treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Our research has made OHSU an international leader in diagnosing and treating facial pain.

Classifying facial pain: Dr. Burchiel’s groundbreaking classification system for facial pain is now widely accepted and followed by providers around the world. His categories make it easier for providers to identify and treat different types of pain based on a patient’s history. Learn more about this system on our Understanding Facial Pain page.

Interactive diagnostic tool: Our team developed the world’s first computer program to diagnose facial pain with yes/no questions. The online tool is programmed to think like Dr. Burchiel and is highly accurate. It enables patients and providers to make a diagnosis so they can quickly seek effective treatment.

DNA research: Dr. Burchiel is a lead investigator on an international study to find the genes that cause trigeminal neuralgia. The Facial Pain Research Foundation hopes the study helps unlock a cure.

Clinical trials: The OHSU Brain Institute offers the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. Trials give patients access to the newest therapies while helping researchers find ways to improve patient care.

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