Imaging and Morphology Support Core

Imaging & MorphThe Imaging and Morphology Support Core of the ONPRC is designed to meet the imaging needs of ONPRC scientists and of the OHSU scientific community by providing state-of-the-art facilities, expertise, assistance and training in the use of advanced light microscopy, image analysis, and processing, and laser capture microdissection.  Special emphasis is placed on quantitative evaluation of imaging experiments using both stereology and automated image analysis.


Consultation, training and access to instruments or full support by core personnel are offered for all services. 
  • Fluorescence imaging: confocal, wide-field, and deconvolution microscopy
  • Special fluorescence techniques: FURA-2, FRET, FRAP, and live-cell time-lapse imaging
  • Large-area image montages: color brightfield or fluorescence, including 3D confocal
  • Neuron tracing and dendrites/spines analysis
  • Cell mapping
  • Image processing, 3D rendering, movies
  • Quantitative image analysis and stereology
  • Laser capture microdissection


  • Leica SP5 AOBS spectral confocal system with 5 excitation lasers (405, 458, 476, 488, 514, 561, 594, 633nm), motorized stage and stage-top microincubator.
  • Marianas Imaging Workstation with motorized stage, DG4 fluorescence illumination and the stereology, FURA and FRET packages
  • ArcturusXT laser capture microdissection system with UV cutting and fluorescence capability.
  • Neurolucida and StereInvestigator system equipped color brightfield and fluorescence.
  • CellSens, FIJI, Image J, Volocity, Slidebook


The Imaging and Morphology Support Core (IMSC) is a fee-for-service facility open to all ONPRC and OHSU investigators, and to the scientific community at large.  Scientists interested in using the IMS Core may either get trained in using the available instruments or use assistance from core's personnel.  Trained users may schedule independent instrument time on a web-based calendar. Core personnel are open to scientific collaborations.  IMSC is located within ONPRC, on OHSU's West Campus.



Sathya Srinivasan, Ph.D., Director and Microscopy/Digital Imaging Specialist

Ashley White, B.S., Research Assistant