Flow Cytometry Core

ONPRC Flow Core Becton Dickinson FACSAria Fusion Sorter

Our mission

Our mission is to help all Core users achieve their flow cytometry goals.

The Core’s resources are available to all OHSU researchers, and associated collaborators.

The Core primarily serves the OHSU West Campus community and provides:

  •  Maximally-configured, optimized, and expertly-maintained cytometers
  • Training for new and ever-improving users
  • Troubleshooting of problems
  • Flow Core Assistant collection of samples
  • Consultation on experimental design, reagents, grant work, and manuscript writing

Contact us

Andrew Sylwester, Ph.D., - Flow Core Director

Nick Hamilton, M.S., - Flow Core Assistant

Flow Cytometry Core Services

Cytek Northern Lights (V/B/R) / spectral (38 channels)
“LSR2A”:  BD LSR-II / 4 lasers (UV/V/B/R) / 18 detector (3U/7V/5B/3R)
“A528A”:  BD A5 Symphony / 5 lasers (UV/V/B/YG/R) / 28 detector (8UV/7V/5B/5YG/3R)

Cell sorters:
“Aria-II”:  BD Aria-II / 3 lasers (V/B/R) / 15 detector (7V/5B/3R) – Inside Biosafety Level 3 facility
“AriaFusion”: BD FACSAria Fusion / 4 lasers (UV/V/B/R) / 18 detectors (3U/7V/5B/3R) – inside a biosafety cabinet

Flow101 (2.5hr classroom event) – Basic theory of flow cytometry, and introduction to technical details
Flow102 (2.0 one-on-one practicum) – Learning to use the Core analyzers
Flow103 (3hr+, multi-session one-on-one practicum) – Learning to use the Core cell sorters
Flow104 (2hr classroom event) – Introduction to FlowJo analysis software
Flow105 (1.5hr classroom event) – Titering antibody reagents
Flow106 (customized one-on-one or classroom event) – Designing cytometry staining panels
Flow107 (1hr classroom event) - Comparing conventional, spectral, and CyTOF cytometers)
Flow108 (2hr+ classroom event) – Concepts in high-parameter data analysis

Flow Cytometry Core Rates

Rental costs (as of July 2023):
LSR analyzer:                                    $68.35/hr
A528A analyzer:                               $84.50/hr
Cytek spectral analyzer                   TBD
Aria-II sorter (in BSL3):                    $73.22/hr
AriaFusion sorter (in BSC):              $79.05/hr
FlowCore Assistant:                         Hourly rate equal to the instrument used