Welcome to the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC). As one of the seven National Primate Research Centers (NPRCs) supported by the National Institutes of Health, our mandate is to help people across generations live longer, healthier lives through scientific breakthroughs.

We pursue our vision by supporting translational research and providing scientific expertise in a variety of nonhuman primate models. These allow us to ask key questions about aging, metabolic diseases like diabetes, neurological functions, reproductive challenges, emerging infectious diseases, and many others. These opportunities are possible because of our multi-generational, pedigreed, and well-characterized nonhuman primate colonies, established in the early 1960s. Our research models are provided to scientists locally, regionally, and nationally on a collaborative basis.

The ONPRC has a unique identity linked to its particular mix of research emphases. Our mission is accomplished through five scientific divisions, diverse core services, and unique nonhuman primate resources. Our world-class research programs focus on current, developing, and projected high-priority human health issues that are projected to increase in importance over the coming decades. These include research in aging, AIDS, depression, infectious diseases, substance abuse, obesity, reproductive health, and genetics. We are excited to share our recent discoveries with you.

Our role is to perform basic research to understand mechanisms of biological conditions and diseases, and we also have an emphasis on translational research—to encourage the development of the most advanced ideas into clinical testing. This aspect of our research is greatly facilitated by the resources, expertise, and unique capabilities at the ONPRC and our partners at Oregon Health & Science University.

In the pages included here, we have endeavored to give you a taste of the exciting science we do and how we believe it will improve human health. As always, we look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you to our Center.

Skip Bohm, DVM, DACLAM

Oregon National Primate Research Center is supported by NIH grant award P51OD011092.