Teacher and Student Resources

We know that people often have questions about biomedical research. Sometimes people are concerned about the need for animals in research; sometimes they are curious about what sorts of treatments, preventions, and cures are currently being studied. The sites below provide excellent information on these, and other, topics.


OHSU Brain Awareness Season  (approximately February-March each year) --Several weeks of events, including lectures by distinguished neuroscientists, panels and programs on neurological health and disease, and exhibits for teachers, students and family.

Science Cafe' Seminar Series
Biannually ONPRC sponsors a series of 4 free lectures on various biomedical research topics. The lectures feature speakers from OHSU’s West Campus, and are delivered in lay-friendly language. We hope you will join us on Tuesday evenings during select months, from 7-8 p.m. at PCC’s Willow Creek Campus (at the Willow Creek MAX station). 

Please check back for the next scheduled series.

Teacher resources

Curriculum supplements

Lucky Puppy (A coloring workbook on animal and human health)

Biomedical Science
Participants in the TIES (Teacher Institute for the Experience of Science) Program at OHSU/ONPRC have designed and tested these lessons to bring students an insight into current biomedical research – in terms of content, context and method.

Saving Lives with Biomedical Research
This comic/activity book is designed to help students understand the purpose of and essential need for animals in biomedical research.


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