Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

The Pacific Northwest Anti-Inflammatory Reference Cookbook

OCTRI’s Bionutrition Unit is pleased to announce the creation of The Pacific Northwest Anti-Inflammatory Reference Cookbook.  Recipes are based on a naturopathic anti-inflammatory diet, which is designed to reduce inflammation by eliminating inflammatory and allergenic foods and promoting anti-inflammatory foods.  The book includes:

•    Over 60 delicious recipes
•    Diet guidelines
•    Shopping information
•    Nutrition recommendations

A research collaboration between OCTRI's Bionutrition Unit and the Helfgott Research Institute at the National College of Natural Medicine led to the development of this cookbook.  Helfgott Senior Investigator Pat Elmer, PhD, MS, FAHA, teamed up with OHSU Principal Investigator Anne Nedrow, MD and the Bionutrition Unit for an NIH-sponsored study on the health effects of this diet on persons with impaired glucose tolerance.  Recipes were developed for use on a 4 week feeding study and then modified for home use for inclusion in the cookbook.

The cookbook is available for $20 online through OHSU Technology Transfer & Business Development in either a CD or an electronic version.