Welcome to the OCTRI Community Research Hub

The OCTRI Community Research Hub is a centralized office, located in Bend Oregon, through which researchers and community members and organizations can be connected and supported in order to facilitate, grow and strengthen Community Engaged Research.

This team, guided by the principles of community engagement, works together to include a community voice in research and improve the health and wellness of all Oregonians. 

The Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) funds the Hub and Liaison Team, which provide statewide support for:

We impact communities across Oregon

There are five regions  (Central OregonSouth CoastNorth CoastSouthern OregonColumbia Gorge) where the Community Research Liaisons have developed targeted strategies that will sustain research activities in those communities. Partnerships in Eastern Oregon are also in development. 

Learn more about what the activities of the Community Research Hub  and the team of Community Research Liaisons that live and work in rural Oregon communities.

Our unifying model

The OCTRI Community Research Hub's unifying model for efforts around Community Engaged Research addresses three key supports;

  1.  Building Capacity – support necessary infrastructure to connect academic researchers and interested communities as well as to foster communities' ability to implement and disseminate research
  2.  Ensuring Relevance – promote development of research questions and approaches that address issues relevant to the community and the region
  3.  Enhancing Receptivity – encourage trust between the community and the academic partner, expand the understanding of research and what it means to participate and collaborate in research activities.

How we work with you

Whether your project is in an early idea stage, you are developing research with community in mind, planning for program evaluation, ready to report results or somewhere in between,  OCTRI's Community Research Hub and the Liaison team can help you move your work forward.

Guided by the principles of community engagement, we assist with project facilitation, recruitment, data collection and connecting researchers and community partners with appropriate research and evaluation resources.  We have a strong track record of helping put together teams that work well together on mutually beneficial projects. 

Learn more by choosing I'm a Researcher or I'm a Community Member

Want help with your project?

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What's new at the HUB

  • We recently attended the ACTS Translational Science 2019 Conference in Washington, DC and presented on Tillamook County Wellness (TCW), a grassroots community effort and academic-community partnership with OHSU and OSU to target diabetes prevention and improve community health.  Learn more about this project.
  • Chelsea Ruder is the latest member to join the Community Research Team and lives and works in the Columbia Gorge RegionLearn more about how Chelsea works to develop projects and partnerships that build research expertise in the Gorge and how she supports her community in using data driven decision-making and program evaluation to improve health.
  • Click on our new regional pages  to learn more about key initiatives and community projects underway or to connect with the OHSU Community Liaison in a region.