Plan and Implement Effective Program Evaluation

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Who we are

The OHSU Evaluation Core assists OHSU researchers and community organizations with planning and implementing effective program evaluation. We use rigorous and reproducible methods to measure health impacts and improve the well-being of patients, families, and communities. 

What we do

  • Designing and implementing evaluation plans, logic models, and SMART goals 

  • Selecting and designing measurement instruments, including surveys and focus group/interview protocols  

  • Collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data 

  • Building evaluation capacity through trainings and technical assistance 

  • Developing communication and dissemination strategies, supporting the translation of research into practice 

As evaluators, we work in partnership with researchers, organization staff, and intervention participants to measure and communicate program efficacy. We also collaborate with and provide referrals to OHSU programs including the Community Research Hub, the Biostatistics and Design Program, Clinical Research Informatics, the OHSU Library, and BUILD EXITO

Qualitative study design, data collection and analysis

Our team has expertise in qualitative methods and can help you with your needs in this area. These services range from method selections for your grant proposal to a continuum of project-level supports. If part of your qualitative work involves connecting with community members across Oregon, we can connect you to our community research liaisons.

An inclusive approach to evaluation

At each step of the evaluation process, we strive to honor diversity across programs and participants. We invite you to learn more about our inclusive approach to evaluation.

Our sponsors

The OHSU Evaluation Core is sponsored by the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute, Knight Cancer Institute, and our clients and partners.

Meet our team

Head shot of Adrienne Zell, Ph.D. 

Adrienne Zell, Ph.D. 
Director, OHSU Evaluation Core 
Assistant Director, OCTRI 
Assistant Professor, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health 

Head shot of Kris Gowen, Ph.D.

Kris Gowen, Ph.D., Ed.M. 
Senior Research Associate, OCTRI 

Head shot of Elizabeth Wenzel, M.P.H.

Elizabeth Wenzel, M.P.H. 
Research Associate, OCTRI 

Head shot of Matt Honoré, M.P.A.

Matt Honoré, M.P.A.
Senior Research Assistant, BUILD EXITO 

Head shot of Kristina Nelson

Kristina Nelson 
Research Assistant II, BUILD EXITO 

Head shot of Amy Wilson, M.P.H.

Amy Wilson, M.P.H. 
Evaluation Core Student Worker, OCTRI

Head shot of John Zoscak

John Zoscak 
Evaluation Core Student Worker, BUILD EXITO

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