Patient benefits

expert looking through microscope

Every day there's a team of basic and clinical neuroscientists dedicated to finding new treatments for brain diseases.

Neurological and psychiatric clinical care and research come together at such OHSU centers as the Parkinson Center of Oregon, the Oregon Stroke Center, the Layton Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center, Multiple Sclerosis Center of Oregon, the ALS Center of Oregon, the Adult Attention Deficit Disorders Clinic and the Intercultural Psychiatric Program's Torture Treatment Center.

Clinical innovations from our hospitals and clinics provide pioneering new therapies, such as deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's patients, and innovative surgical therapies that offer new hope to patients with cancerous brain tumors.

From the front lines of technology, OHSU uses state-of-the-art instrumentation. Microscopy devices capable of imaging brain function at the level of the individual cell are enhanced using methods pioneered by Vollum Institute researchers. New MRI machines — among them, one of the most powerful in the world — are helping OHSU researchers and physicians better diagnose, treat and study brain illnesses.