Retained Surgical Item


Who to page:

  • From 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, the technologist will page the section pager for the body part being imaged, or the faculty listed on the schedule if the section does not have a protocol pager.
  • From 5pm until 8am, Monday thru Friday, and all hours weekends and holidays, the technologist will page the radiology resident on call.

Page content:

  • Upon completion of imaging, the technologist will page "RSI complete" on patient name, body parts imaged, OR phone number, and attending surgeon.

Radiology Resident on call:

The radiology resident will immediately page the appropriate evening shift faculty between 5pm and 9pm  weekdays, or the General Call faculty during other hours.

Radiology Resident and Faculty:

The faculty radiologist will review the images. A radiologist should call results to the OR within ten minutes of images being available on PACS. If the surgeon has left the OR, page the surgeon directly.

After hours, if faculty reviews the study with the on-call resident, the resident should dictate and sign under that faculty. Otherwise this unread RSI study may not get dictated under the original faculty involved.

See Also Retained Surgical Items (RSI) Policy (HC-PC-138-POL) in MCN