Reimbursement guidelines

Reimbursement guidelines

Please give your receipts & other documentation to your admin person no later than 30 days from either the end date of travel or the date that the non-travel related expense was incurred. This should ensure that it makes it to AP prior to the 60 day mark. Sooner is always better-in the case that additional documentation is requested, we can deal with this and still process the reimbursement in a timely manner. In addition, travel reimbursements will require your review and signature prior to submittal to the fiscal authority, which may require time as well depending on the schedule. Please submit the appropriate documentation. For travel, this is as follows:

Business purpose of travel

Dates of travel

When attending a conference – conference agenda/program

Airfare/rail expense Receipt for airfare or rail, showing proof of payment from a travel agency or online booking tool. If the receipt does not clearly show proof of payment, please also submit a copy of your debit/credit card receipt showing that the charge posted.

If a car is rented while traveling, itemized car rental agreement. A copy of a tear tab is not sufficient. A copy of an online reservation is also not sufficient. Amount submitted for reimbursement should not include charges for insurance unless trip is international. 

Lodging – Original detailed itemized hotel receipt

Meals and incidental expenses – itemized detailed receipt, including date. Restaurant tear tabs are not valid receipts. If per diem is chosen, receipts are not required. Per diem and actual receipts cannot be used in the same trip, although you can choose the number of per diem meals to be less than the total amount. 

Hosting while traveling – documentation of business purpose, who the attendees are and their business relationship, detailed itemized receipt of expenses. Alcohol is only allowable if non-OHSU employees are in attendance. 

This list is not exhaustive; it only explains the most common charges with restrictions and necessary documentation. For situations which are out of the ordinary, information can be provided as needed. For non-travel, this would generally include either a zero-balance receipt showing payment or a receipt showing cost plus a debit/credit card statement, copy of canceled check, or cash receipt. In addition, receipts should be in the name of the employee (as appropriate).        For questions, please feel free to contact your admin person. You may also contact Martha or Teri.